James Gunn is Writing a New Superman Movie!!

James Gunn is writing a new Superman film for DC, following the recent announcement of star Henry Cavill‘s departure from the character. Gunn has confirmed that this project will follow a younger version of the character. Recent comments from the director have stated that the iconic superhero is a “priority” for the studio moving forward, so it makes since that he’ll be penning it.

Aside from Gunn serving as the writer of the film, no other pieces of news on the project are currently known. While this likely isn’t great news for fans of Cavill‘s Superman, this only further solidifies the new direction for DC moving forward. News has trickled out here and there, primarily concerning the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3, with this just being the latest in what will likely be a long line of announcements.

Gunn also confirmed that the slate he has developed with DC Studios co-chair Peter Safran will be announced shortly. There have been teases here and there at what the two have discussed, namely a photo of the character Mister Terrific and a piece of art from the infamous Kingdom Come storyline. The director’s start with DC began with last year’s The Suicide Squad, which led to the critically successful Peacemaker series earlier this year on HBO Max.

There is some precedent to be excited about here for Gunn‘s take on the Superman character. Brightburn, a 2019 film centered on a Superman-like character moving in an evil direction, was produced by the director. Elizabeth Banks and David Denman starred in that film, opposite Jackson A. Dunn as the titular character. While Brightburn only collected $32.8 million worldwide, some critics praised its subversion of the superhero genre. At the very least, a unique take on such a beloved and iconic character shows a great deal of understanding for that piece of IP.

Cavill‘s non-involvement with this project has to come as a shock to fans, who recently saw the star return opposite Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam. As tantalizing as his return may have been, Gunn certainly has something exciting waiting in the wings. Fans have been clamoring to see the return of arguably the most iconic superhero. Based on this news, it can only be expected that Clark Kent/Superman will be a cornerstone of this new direction for DC Studios.

As of now, there is no release date for this project. Stay tuned to Collider for all the latest on DC Studios, as well as the latest news on this Superman project.


via Collider

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