‘Extraordinary’ Trailer Sees an Ordinary Woman Living in a World Full of Superpowers!! Check It Out!!

In a world where everyone has a superpower of some sort, it is sure to be a weird experience when you are the only one without one. Family dinners are sure to make for awkward occasions, and this turns out to be Jen’s (Máiréad Tyers) fate. Disney has released a new trailer for the upcoming British comedy series, Extraordinary, which will release all eight episodes on January 25 on Hulu in the United States and on Disney+ for the rest of the world.

The trailer begins with Jen attending a job interview, where after handing in her resume she soon goes on an uncontrollable rampage of unsolicited personal information, much to her embarrassment. However, she is put at ease when her interviewer explains that all that happened because of her own power. Looking at the resume, the interviewer remarks, “I see you haven’t got your power down on here.” To this Jen replies embarrassed, “That’s because I don’t have one yet.” Set in a world where everyone – except Jen of course – develops a superpower upon their 18th birthday. Sadly, Jen is 25 years old and there is no power anywhere within sight. She is not bothered with what exactly it could be, she just wants to have one so she won’t consistently feel like an outcast among everyone else.

Nothing is really going for her at the moment, she is stuck at a job she does not like, and can’t seem to find a proper partner but at the least, she has her friend, Carrie (Sofia Oxenham) as her support system. Even birthday parties for 18-year-olds are a no-go as they, “against all odds” develop powers and leave Jen wallowing further. While navigating friendships and romantic interests with a boy that can fly, Jen begins her journey to discovering her power that lets her fit into a world wherein even a cat is more powerful than she is. Tough. But maybe, being powerless might be what makes her powerful.

Extraordinary is written by Emma Moran who also serves as the series creator. Toby McDonald, Jennifer Sheridan, and Nadira Amrani served as directors on the series. Extraordinary is executive produced by Sally Woodward Gentle, Lee Morris, and Charles Dawson. The series cast includes Bilal Hasna and Luke Rollason alongside the aforementioned Tyers and Oxenham. Additional cast members include Siobhan McSweeney, Robbie Gee, Safia Oakley-Green, and Ned Porteous.

Extraordinary will premiere on January 25, 2023, to Disney+ around the world with the series also releasing on Hulu in the United States on the same day. All eight episodes will drop all at once. Watch the trailer below:

via Collider

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