‘M3GAN’: New Clip Sees the Killer Doll Overriding Her Controls!!! Check It Out!!

If there is one individual that is set to take the world by storm in 2023, it’s the title character from horror movie M3GAN. The movie hasn’t even premiered and the lifelike doll is already a viral sensation, with dance routines and surprising public appearances that only escalate and make the doll a fan-favorite among the public. Of course, our impression of M3GAN may change slightly once we get to see the full extent of her dark side and abilities, but let’s be honest: We already love her. And it’s not like being a horror villain has stopped The Babadook from becoming a queer icon, so M3GAN is on the right track.

M3GAN has all the ingredients to become one of 2023’s earliest hits: The story follows a robotics engineer who creates a robot to help her co-parent her orphaned niece. Gemma (Allison Williams) explains to the AI-oriented doll that her first and ultimate job is to protect Cady (Violet McGraw) from “both physical and emotional” harm, but the doll ends up taking this mission to extreme levels. In a new clip unveiled by Rotten Tomatoes, it’s pretty easy to see that M3GAN’s instructions can lead to some chilling situations.

As the clip showcases, M3GAN’s interpretation of keeping the kid safe quickly leads to ominous moments, like when the doll simply decides to disobey direct orders from anyone who isn’t the kid, and even override her own controls in order to do what she believes is right. Also, as an added bonus, she can quickly search the internet to contradict old-fashioned parenting techniques.

Should M3GAN become a hit, we could be looking at the next killer doll to slay her way into the pantheon populated by horror icons such as Chucky and Annabelle. The title character’s popularity on social media has already sparked discussions of a sequel, so there’s a good chance we’re witnessing the birth of a new horror franchise. The question is: How will they title M3GAN when it gets to the third installment?

M3GAN is directed by Gerard Johnstone (Housebound) from a screenplay by Akela Cooper (Malignant), and a story from Cooper and James Wan (The Conjuring). The movie hails from Blumhouse Productions, the horror-friendly production company that has brought us hits like The Black Phone, CAM, the Insidious film series, and the new Halloween trilogy. Killer AI robot M3GAN is played by Amie Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis. The cast also features Ronny Chieng, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Jen Van Epps, Lori Dungey, and Stephan Garneau-Monten.

M3GAN struts her way into theaters on January 6. You can check out the chilling clip below:

via Collider

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