‘Pokémon’: Ash Ketchum and Pikachu Bidding Goodbye to Series!!

In news that is sure to sadden generations of Pokémon fans, the Pokémon Company has announced that the story of Ash Ketchum and his beloved Pikachu is set to wrap up with 11 final episodes, airing in 2023. The episodes will feature various fan-favourite Pokémon and will bring back Ash’s original companions from the beginnings of the series, Brock – the original leader of the Pewter City gym, where Ash won his very first gym badge against Brock’s Onix – and Misty, the water Pokémon trainer whose bicycle Ash famously trashed during a thunder storm.

While Ash is saying goodbye to fans and Pokémon, the Pokémon anime series will continue with two brand new characters, who will be named Liko and Roy – in the Japanese iteration of the series (Ash’s name in the Japanese version was Satoshi) – and who will begin their journey together exploring the Paldea region. That will include the Paldean starter Pokémon Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly. The teaser shown by the Pokémon Company also reveals a shiny Rayquaza will be encountered by the duo.

Ash first debuted as the main character of the original Pokémon anime back in 1997, famously sleeping in late and losing the chance to pick an original starter Pokémon from Professor Oak, before being given an initially hostile and poorly behaved Pikachu as a companion. Despite this, Ash won over the electric mouse by going above and beyond in his care, and the bond between the two was said to be so strong that it powered Pikachu to a strength beyond normal Pokémon of its kind.

Of course, Ash and his companions have had to deal with the threat and nuisance of Team Rocket for all these years, but an important part of Ash’s journey has always been the joy and love he’s felt from others he’s encountered on his journey, as well as the sad-but-necessary bittersweet feeling of moving on when he seeks to pursue a new adventure.

The announcement does seem inevitable given the climax of the most recent series of Pokémon which aired in Japan. After more than two decades, Ash finally established himself as the world’s foremost Pokémon trainer by finally winning the World Coronation Series, being crowned a Pokémon master at long last. Following this, he left his championship-winning roster behind and set off alone with just Pikachu and Lucario for company, but now, his adventures will continue away from the gaze of Pokémon fans as he looks to continue his next steps.

The final pages in Ash Ketchum’s story will air sometime in 2023.


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