‘You’ Season 4 Sees Joe Goldberg in the London Underground!! Check It Out!!

Netflix‘s serial killer thriller You has flirted its way to the top of more than one For You Page since it first aired back in 2018. Starring Penn Badgley, the show chronicles the story of Joe Goldberg, a seemingly normal bookstore manager who lives in the Big Apple. However, Joe’s abnormally perfect persona quickly crumbles apart when it emerges that he has a habit of obsessively fixating, idealizing, stalking, and eventually murdering pretty much anyone who gets in the way of a potential love interest. The caveat is, when the object of his desire inevitably fails to live up to the impossible halo-personality he’s conjured up in his mind, he kills them too…and then skips town and creates an entirely new personality to get away with said crimes. With the countdown clock ticking on You‘s fourth installment, Netflix has unveiled a fresh look at Joe’s latest character.

The new poster shows Joe – or Professor Moore to the people of England – looking every bit the perfect University lecturer. Appearing disturbingly suave, Joe dons a classic brown blazer with a blue shirt and tie to really cement the whole “upstanding citizen” look. As he buttons his jacket, Joe, who boasts an effortlessly curly mane that perfectly frames his face, stares unnervingly into the distance as he peruses the London Underground. The poster features a tagline that reads: “You can’t outrun your past,” hinting that whilst Joe may have picked up and built a new life in a new country things may finally begin to catch up with him.

Joe’s latest persona comes after an exhilarating third season which saw his killer companion wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) come to terms with the fact that he has a new obsession, fellow book lover Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). In a gripping finale, Love invites Marienne round to her house with the intent to kill her in a bid to remove her as an obstacle in her marriage to Joe. However, when Marienne’s daughter comes looking for her mother just in the nick of time Love decides to offer a merciful warning instead, urging her to disappear. When Joe eventually comes home Love decides she’s had enough of her husband’s endless obsessions and goes to kill him, only to be stabbed with a needle laced with deadly wolfsbane.

Bearing in mind Marienne is the only one of Joe’s fixations (that we know of) to still be alive, he is clearly not willing to let it go and instead follows her all the way to London taking up a job as a teacher…at her university. What will happen when Joe and Marienne are reunited remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, Joe now being a public teacher means he is the least inconspicuous he’s ever been, which could mean a greater chance of survival for Marienne. Just to complicate things a little further, previously unveiled stills show Professor Moore getting a little too cozy with another student, begging the question, could Joe have more than one obsession this season?

You Season 4 will be unveiled in two parts. The first part will land on Netflix on February 9 2023, whilst Part 2 will drop on March 9 2023. You can check out the new poster below:

Image via Netflix


via Collider

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