‘Infinity Pool’: New Poster Teases Brandon Cronenberg’s Disturbing New Horror!! Check It Out!!

Let it sink in: a new poster has just been released for the new Brandon Cronenberg film Infinity Pool. The poster shows newly crowned scream queen Mia Goth pulling Alexander Skarsgård into the depths, and this new look into the film follows the release of its first trailer last week.

Infinity Pool tells the story of a rich couple who goes on a luxurious vacation to La Tolqa, an all-inclusive island resort. However, when they are lured outside the hotel, they find themselves out of their depths and facing something more dangerous than they can comprehend. Skarsgård stars alongside Cleopatra Coleman as the doomed couple, and Goth stars as one of a group that has lured them outside the confines of their resort.

The trailer, released last week, gave viewers their first look into the disturbing new film. It shows Skarsgård and Coleman as a wealthy couple looking for inspiration. With Skarsgård‘s James Foster hoping to find material for a long-awaited second novel. However, when the Fosters accidentally hit someone with their car they find themselves facing the death penalty. There is, however, an alternative. They can create a replica of themselves that will face the death penalty in their stead. From that point, the trailer spins into chaos, giving a kaleidoscopic view of the torture and chaos ahead for the main characters.

The new poster shows Goth‘s character looking over James Foster in dark water. She looks detached but curious, and Skarsgård has a look of pain and resignation on his face. But reflected in the water are two masks with hollow eyes, hinting at the theme of doubles that will be played throughout the film. The rest of the poster, except the title and credits, which float above and below them in cutting red, is black.

The new film comes from Brandon Cronenberg, son of legendary body horror filmmaker David Cronenberg. However, it looks like Brandon Cronenberg will be making his own mark in his newest film, borrowing some of the grotesque dread signatures of his father’s work while also bringing a fresh and aestheticized edge.

The new film has already created quite a stir for horror fans, who have yet another Goth project to look forward to. Goth has recently become quite the icon of horror with her two latest projects, X and Pearl, both of which developed a cult following shortly after their back-to-back releases in 2022.

Infinity Pool will be released to theaters on January 27, 2023. Until then, you can check out the poster below.

Image via NEON

via Collider

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