‘Black Adam’: Dwayne Johnson Confirms Teth Adam Will Not Appear in the New DCU!!

It’s been an emotional few weeks for fans of the DC Universe with a mass shakeup underway marking a fresh start for the comic book studio following James Gunn and Peter Safran‘s chief appointments at DC Studios. Sadly, this new chapter has meant a heartbreaking end to some of the most treasured legacies within the universe. After 15 years of fighting, Dwayne Johnson finally got his anti-hero epic, Black Adam, a spot on the silver screen, but sadly it looks like that’s the last we’ll be seeing of Teth Adam for a little (or long) while. The Hollywood megastar has shared a statement updating fans on the fate of Khandaq’s protector.

“My passionate friends, I wanted to give you a long-awaited Black Adam update regarding the character’s future in the new DC Universe,” Johnson began. “James Gunn and I connected, and Black Adam will not be in their first chapter of storytelling.” Although Johnson did assure there is still an open discourse around the future of his precious character, in other words, the door is still slightly ajar, for now at least. “However, DC and Seven Bucks have agreed to continue exploring the most valuable ways Black Adam can be utilized in future DC multiverse chapters,” he explained. Speaking to the decision, he added that the decisions made by James and DC leadership “represent their vision of DU through their creative lens.”

Despite the disappointing news, Johnson took a moment to savor the success of bringing Teth Adam’s story to life. “After 15 years of relentless hard work to finally make Black Adam, I’m very proud of the film we delivered for fans worldwide,” he wrote. “I will always look back on the fan reaction to Black Adam with tremendous gratitude, humility and love. We did great.”

The news comes after fans officially waved goodbye to Henry Cavill‘s Man of Steel 2, despite making a surprise mid-credits return in Johnson’s Black Adam, just weeks prior. Instead, DC chief Gunn revealed he was working on the story of a younger version of Kal-El. There was also widespread talk that Jason Momoa may not return to his hugely successful role of Aquaman which prompted speculation the entire DC Universe was being recast. However, Gunn put a swift end to the rumors when replying to a fan tweet. “I keep seeing posts with this untrue theory. We’re not recasting everyone except The Suicide Squad,” he wrote. Whilst things are looking more uncertain than ever for the DCU, it’s clear Gunn and Safran are committed to the characters within the universe so time will tell how it all comes together.

You can watch Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam in the trailer below.

via Collider

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