‘The Terminal List’ Season 2 Announcement Coming Soon!!

Fans of the Chris Pratt-led military thriller The Terminal List have been eagerly awaiting news on a potential Season 2 at Prime Video. In terms of watch time, the series was a massive success pulling an average of 1.6 billion minutes watched across its eight-episode first season. Pratt himself even teased that there was more on the way during an appearance on Jack Carr‘s, the author of the book the series was based on, podcast. Since then, it’s been crickets.

During an interview with Collider‘s own Steve Weintraub about a number of Prime Video series, however, Amazon Studios‘ Head of Television Vernon Sanders gave a little more hope to fans eager to see Lieutenant Commander James Reece return. Weintraub‘s conversation with Sanders was part of a larger interview about the success of Prime Video‘s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which was viewed by over 100 million people worldwide, with more than 24 billion minutes streamed. But of course, all of Prime‘s impressive slate of shows came up during the interview.

Weintraub asked about the lack of movement on a renewal since The Terminal List first aired back on July 1. Rather than stick with a stock line about ongoing negotiations, Sanders was eager to tease that something big was on the way for the show:

I think that we are cooking up something that, when we’re ready to announce, Terminal List fans will be very excited about. It may be something even more interesting than what you just stated, so hold tight.

Sanders‘ comments are very similar to what Pratt said back in September in that neither has outright committed to a Season 2. Rather, it seems the team behind the show may be working on something more, whether that be a multi-season renewal or a project outside the realm of just a television series. It’s fantastic news for The Terminal List fans to hear directly from an Amazon higher-up that the series factors into their plans.

More Background on The Terminal List

The Terminal List follows Reece in the aftermath of a high-stakes mission gone wrong. After surviving an ambush that killed his entire platoon, he returns home to his family, baffled by what happened. He starts investigating the incident, piecing his distorted memories together and suspecting foul play is responsible for their bad intel. When he gets confirmation that there’s something more sinister at play, he puts all of his military skills to use to hunt down everyone responsible for his team’s deaths. In addition to Pratt, the series stars Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Arlo Mertz. Antoine Fuqua directed the pilot episode and executive produces with Pratt while David DiGilio penned the series.

Many fans have taken to the series well, but it hasn’t been without its detractors. Chief among the concerns is the revenge plot which critics have seen as formulaic. Carr has also suggested politics as a factor in the icy critic reception, adding that the show wasn’t made to please critics but instead to entertain the general viewer. Considering the 95% audience score compared to a 39% critic score, it’s fair to say it accomplished that goal with its target audience.

The Terminal List is currently streaming on Prime Video.


via Collider

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