‘Stonehouse’ Trailer Sees as a Politician Faking His Own Death!! Check It Out!!

Britbox released today a trailer for their upcoming miniseries Stonehouse. Based on real-life events, the story centers around the title character (played by Succession‘s Matthew Macfadyen), a British politician who’s accused of espionage, forgery, theft, and fraud in the early 70s. Divided in three episodes, the series is set to premiere in mid-January and depict how mental health issues were (badly) handled not many years ago.

Despite how worrying the story is for its protagonist, the Stonehouse trailer reveals that the series will be handled with a light-hearted tone, and the distinct British humor can be spotted in every corner of the footage. The trailer also makes it clear that even though we’re following a continent-wide famous criminal, we’re also gearing up to have lots of fun with his charisma and methods of escaping the law.

Fake Your Death and Bear It

And Stonehouse doesn’t seem afraid to go to extremes in order to protect his own liberty, as he responds to his sudden inquiries by simply faking his own death – a secret that doesn’t seem to be kept neither well nor long. He’s known as a great swimmer, after all. It doesn’t take an expert to realize that Stonehouse’s wits will only get him so far, but the journey with him certainly seems like a fun one.

Stonehouse Hails From a Mind We Already Love

Stonehouse is created and written by John Preston, who is known for writing the novel that inspired another British series, A Very English Scandal. Stonehouse marks Preston’s series writing debut. The episodes are directed by John S. Baird, who previously helmed episodes from series like Vinyl, Feed the Beast, and Babylon.

Aside from Macfadyen, the cast of Stonehouse also features Keeley Hawes (It’s a Sin), Kevin R. McNally (Das Boot), Orla Hill (Hetty Feather), Dorothy Atkinson (Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler), and introducing Emer Heatley.

Britbox premieres Stonehouse on January 17. You can watch the trailer below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

A three-part drama, based on the extraordinary rise and fall of MP John Stonehouse (Emmy winner Matthew Macfadyen). As a high-flying member of Harold Wilson’s Labour government and a seemingly devoted family man, Stonehouse’s perfect life spirals out of control in the early 1970s amid rumors of fraud and espionage. It turns out that while Stonehouse has been climbing the political ladder, he’s also been forging secret relationships – with his secretary Sheila Buckley (Emer Heatley) and shadowy figures in Prague – that will threaten him personally and professionally. As the drama unfolds, suspicion from his wife Barbara Stonehouse (BAFTA nominee Keeley Hawes) and the media grows. Stonehouse embarks on an outlandish escape plan that will lead him to Miami, Melbourne and eventually – hand-in-hand with Sheila – the dock of London’s highest criminal court. All this, while Prime Minister Harold Wilson’s (Kevin R. McNally) slender lead hangs in the balance. It’s a story, inspired by sensational true events, that explores the price of ambition, the pressures of politics and how attitudes towards mental health have changed in the last 50 years.


via Collider

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