‘Escape From New York’: New Movie from ‘Scream’ Filmmaker Won’t Be a Remake!!

The filmmaking collective Radio Silence has recently given an update on what fans can expect from their new Escape From New York movie, which serves as a reboot of the John Carpenter classic.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview, the trio was asked about what fans might expect from the film. According to Tyler Gillett, the trio is excited to be working on it, although the development of it isn’t very far along as of now.

“We’re very excited to be working with 20th Century on that,” said Gillett. “We’re developing our take, and hopefully, it will be going to script sometime in the New Year, and just really starting to lay the groundwork for that. But very early stages.”

Gillett went on to say that the film isn’t a remake and compared it to their work on the fifth Scream film, saying that it would be more of “a nod and continuation” of the franchise than anything else.

“Not a remake,” said Gillett. “That’s one of those properties that you can’t [remake], it’s sort of untouchable to us, and lives in its own stratosphere in terms of how important it is to us, and how much we love it. So it’ll be not unlike Scream, I think, a nod to, and a continuation of, what we love about those characters and that world.”

The original 1981 John Carpenter classic was set in a future (then 1997) where Manhattan had been turned into an island-sized maximum-security prison. When the president of the United States crashes into the decaying city, an outlaw (played by Kurt Russell) is coerced into traveling inside to rescue him.


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