‘Titans’ Season 4: New Images Reveal Raven’s New Comics-Accurate Costume!! Check It Out!!

2022 was another stand-out year for television. This includes one of the most improved and underrated shows this year, DC’s Titans. The series debuted Part 1 of its fourth season back in November, and it had a major shift in tone as it focused on the darker horror, more magical side of the DC Universe with the sinister Church of Blood. This meant the fan-favorite Titan Raven has had more of a spotlight this Season. That has seen a return to what really worked in the show’s earlier seasons. Season 4’s insane midseason finale, which saw the titans make one final charge against the Church of Blood in their underground lair, finally gave Teagan Croft’s Raven her white comics-accurate costume. With Season 4 Part 2 just around the corner in 2023, the series has given fans a new look at the costume with some magical behind-the-scenes images.

The two images, posted to the various Titans’ social media pages, see Raven’s full transformation. Once again the series’ costume designers killed it. Everything from the classic hood, cloak, hair, and suit is all in white. It looks ripped straight out of the pages of The New Teen Titans. Like the comics and animated series before it, this is meant to represent Raven at her full power. Her big arc in this season’s first part was her losing her powers after she was defeated by Mother Mayhem. After that, she thought she wanted to live a normal life as the character never got a chance to do so. However, with the help of her teammates like Nightwing and Jinx, Raven comes to the realization that even though her powers stem from a very dark place, her abilities are a gift. Unlike the comics, we don’t know what triggered this transformation yet. It has nothing to do with her sacrificing herself to defeat her evil father Trigon and being reborn, but it definitely has something to do with that iconic DC villain.

As stated before, the threat this season has been all about the Church of Blood who just so happen to worship Trigon. In the midseason finale, the Titans lose their battle against Mother Mayhem once again as she convinces Brother Blood to join their devilish cause. To make matters worse, Superboy’s been compromised and Jinx is presumed dead. However, their final hope to win this magical war against Blood is Raven’s new-found power.

Croft‘s version of Raven has been the best part of Titans since the series premiered back in 2018. The show has had a rocky path since then with bizarre side plots, it being too Bat-family-focused at times, and the Titans being split up way too much, but Season 4’s new horror-centric plot has let the best parts of the series shine — including Raven. It’s going to be exciting to see what actually caused Raven’s transformation and what this means for the character going forward.

While DC fans wait for Titans Season 4 to return in early 2023, you can view Raven’s stunning new costume in the images down below. Titans’ first three and half seasons are streaming now on HBO Max.

via Collider

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