‘You’ Season 4: New Poster Sees Joe Goldberg Thinking About His Past!! Check It Out!!

There are so many exciting series returning in 2023. This includes the hit Netflix horror thriller You which is premiering its fourth season in early February. Now, to ring in the new year, You’s newest poster sees Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) thinking about his past sins.

The poster, posted to You’s official Instagram page, shows Joe in the heart of London in his usual baseball cap stalker outfit. However, this time around he’s staring into a staple red London phone booth, looking deep within himself. What he sees is his new bearded and proper persona Professor Jonathan Moore, which is eerily not staring back at Joe, but back at us the audience. If the tagline of the poster is to be believed, “He’s doing a little reflecting”, Joe has been doing some self-care. He’s been taking the time to think about his past sins and might be feeling remorseful for the body bags that line his dark obsessive past. However, that’s not Joe at all. The past women in his life like Beck, Delilah, and the equally crazy Love would tell you otherwise. We’ve seen this “ I’m a changed man” act many times before. It’s only a matter of time before this killer’s bloodlust rises up again, and Joe true nature shows its ugly head once more.

You in its first three seasons has been one of the best television shows around. Its unique blend of grizzly intimate horror with ironic dark humor has kept the show insanely unpredictable over the years. Its brilliant cast has only added to this horror series’ success with Badgley’s Joe being the pitch perfect main character everybody loves to hate. It’s going to be very interesting to see how Joe handles being in London.

The character has been a fish out of water before, but never in another country all together. Each location, whether it be New York City, Los Angeles, or suburbia, has felt like its own distinct character and obstacle for Joe. London feels no different with the marketing for Season 4 having a lot of fun with the new setting thus far. It definitely feels like Joe is running out of “second chances” with this new poster. To add to that, his new position as a teacher at a university is not the character’s usual MO for blending in. It definitely feels like a move made out of desperation, and it doesn’t help that he’s not very fond of the more youthful generations. Given his past self indulged monologues, Joe’s new students are going to be in some kind of danger to say the least this season.

Image via Netflix

Joe’s pulling out all the stops this season to find a new life. However, it’s hard to start over when you’re still “crushing” on “the girl who got away”. That just so happens to be Tati Gabrielle’s Marienne as she appears to be attending the same college that Joe’s teaching at this season. What could possibly go wrong? We’ll find out soon as Season 4 Part 1 premieres on Netflix February 9 before Part 2 wraps up the season a month later on March 9. While fans wait for everything in Joe’s life to murderously flip upside down once again in London, you can view You’s teaser down below:

via Collider

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