‘The Last of Us’: New TV Spot Sees Joel Breaking Down the Rules for Ellie!! Check It Out!!

There are so many exciting new shows coming our way in 2023. However, none are as highly anticipated as HBO’s The Last of Us. The series based on the beloved PlayStation franchise of the same name is premiering in just under a few weeks. The marketing thus far has focused on how insanely game-accurate the series will be. Now, the newest teaser doubles down on that fact as Pedro Pascal’s Joel goes over the rules with Bella Ramsey’s Ellie.

These three simple rules should be very familiar for fans of the games. “Keep our histories to ourselves,” “don’t tell anyone about your condition,” and “do what I say when I say it.” This tense dialogue exchange is ripped straight from the first game right down to Ramsey’s snarky line delivery. Joel wants nothing to do with Ellie when we meet this pair of reluctant travelers. On the surface it’s because Ellie was bitten by an infected, but never turned. That means a lot of people will be after them if anyone finds out about Ellie’s condition. However, the main reason Joel’s so cold towards Ellie is that he’s reminded of his own daughter Sarah and his tragic past when he looks at her. In Joel’s jaded eyes, the closer they get, the more that unhealed wound opens.

However, through a lot of their own hardship during their journey, his bond with Ellie allows Joel to open himself back up to the world. For anyone who hasn’t played the games they’re in for a tear-jerking, emotionally rich journey, but for the preexisting fans, they’re about to see this modern classic told through a new lens. The more we see of Pascal and Ramsey, the more they appear to be the perfect Joel and Ellie.

This new scene where Joel is going over the rules is like literally watching the game come to haunting life. Pascal and Ramsey play it flawlessly, but this series also isn’t forgetting about its weighty legacy. While this teaser is filled with footage that we’ve seen before, it gives us the best look yet at Troy Baker’s role in this adaptation. Many will know that Baker brilliantly played Joel in both Last of Us games and, while it’s anyone’s guess who he’s playing in the series, it’s just great to see him still involved with this now-iconic horror franchise. From past trailers, it seems like he might be a part of David’s community. Whatever the case may be, Baker is rejoining Ashley Johnson and Merle Dandridge for the series.

The Last of Us premieres on HBO Sunday, January 15 and its first season will consist of nine episodes. Until then, you can view the new rule-centric spot down below.

via Collider

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