‘Thanksgiving’: Eli Roth Directing Film Based on His ‘Grindhouse’ Trailer!!

Eli Roth is known for his horror movies. He is infamously the director of The Green Inferno, a movie that was delayed and banned for its violence in many places. He’s got a unique style when it comes to his take on the genre and has had many projects in the works. Most recently, he was working on an adaptation of the game Borderlands starring Cate Blanchett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Edgar Ramirez, and more. But Roth is passing along the reins for the reshoots to Tim Miller so that he can make way on his next feature-length film: Thanksgiving.

According to Deadline, Miller, known for directing Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds would take over on the reshoots, and that Roth was not fired from the movie, as rumors had suggested. Instead, Roth will go on to explore the ideas and story presented in a fake trailer made for another project.

When the film Grindhouse came out, fans were gifted with two movies for the price of one: Planet Terror from Robert Rodriguez and Death Proof from Quentin Tarantino. Set in the style of the old double-feature theaters, the Grindhouse era of film was a bit more free than other films released at the time, and this team-up was a callback to that era of Hollywood. But the movie also featured a number of fake trailers in it set to certain genres and Roth’s Thanksgiving trailer was one of them.

The trailer in Grindhouse for Roth‘s Thanksgiving is paying homage to the holiday slasher films that used to be prevalent in this era of film. We still have some of these slasher movies, such as the Halloween franchise and even My Bloody Valentine can be included in the conversation. But it was part of the “horror” section of these fake trailers, which also included a look at Danny Trejo‘s Machete, a trailer from Edgar Wright and Rob Zombie and more.

Thanksgiving is for sure going to divide horror audiences. For those who have come to love the genre-bending films like M3GAN and Jordan Peele‘s collection of films, they might not be ready to return to a movie that is a little more overt in its violence and gore, but it is exciting to see Roth taking this project to the feature-length stage. Maybe we’ll get to see the rest of the trailers get their time as well!


via Collider

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