‘How I Met Your Father’ Season 2 Trailer Sees the Return of the Gang!! Check It Out!!

Life may not be perfect, but it’s shaping up to be just like heaven in a new trailer for the upcoming second season of Hulu’s How I Met Your Father. The gang’s all back and while they may think that their lives are a dumpster fire of a mess, we’d have to disagree from the looks of what’s to come for the group of 30-somethings as they survive life, work, and relationships in New York City.

The trailer reveals a slew of memorable moments of board games and late-night drinks at Pemberton’s for the friends at the center of it all. While Valentina (Francia Raisa) and Charlie (Tom Ainsley) end their relationship, despite their intense dynamic, the rest of the crew is on the prowl for “the one.” The teaser also shows some adrenaline-pumping moments including Sophie (Hilary Duff) learning how to drive with the help of Jesse (Chris Lowell) and a guest appearance by Meghan Trainor who appears to be giving birth in a living room. Meanwhile, we can expect to see Josh Peck reprise his recurring role and Sex and the City star John Corbett appearing as Sophie’s latest love interest.

How I Met Your Father also stars Suraj Sharma, Tien Tran, and Kim Cattrall who we hear as the voice of Duff’s Sophie as she looks back from the year 2050 and regales her son with the story of how she and his father met back in 2022. There are a lot of strings to be tied up in Season 2 with the first season ending on a major cliffhanger surrounding Sophie’s career. After Naomi Reisberg (Tessa Auberjonois) gives her the chance to show off her photography in her gallery, Sophie needs to pick out which image is the most display-worthy, landing on a candid shot of Jesse.

Taking place several years following the events of the hit series How I Met Your Mother, it’s no shock how the series gained critical acclaim, even nabbing two Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Love, Simon writers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger join as writers with Duff producing. The series is executive-produced by How I Met Your Mother co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas along with Pam Fryman and Adam Londy.

With the show’s first season featuring cameos from beloved How I Met Your Mother characters including Cobie Smulders’ Robin Sherbatsky and Kyle MacLachlan’s George van Smoot aka The Captain, there’s no telling who they may pull in for the sophomore season.

You can check out the trailer for Season 2 of How I Met Your Father below and tune into Hulu for the premiere on January 24.

via Collider

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