‘Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’ Trailer Promises a Gorgeous Animated Series!! Check It Out!!


It’s been a while since we last heard from animated series Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, which means it’s the perfect time for Disney to drop a new trailer of this gorgeous-looking animation and tease what’s coming in Season 1. The story centers around a super-genius adolescent girl who fights bad guys alongside a huge dinosaur partner.

The new trailer for Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur reveals the title character hides an entire laboratory under her room, and that’s probably where she’ll spend most of her time when she’s not saving the world or minding her pet dinosaur – which is accidentally brought to her during a failed experiment. Now it’ll have to stay hidden in her laboratory and taste on some homemade pie during its downtime.

When The Avengers Can’t Come… Call Lunella!

Lunella Lafayette (voiced by singer Diamond White) reacts to evoking a huge dinosaur in the way that all kids would: She loves it! And the beast becomes real handy once she’s forced to deal with some supervillains that attack her city. Lunella also gets a best friend and sidekick who gives it to her straight: She can’t save the world in a common outfit. Everyone knows that.

Moon Girl Has Been Brewing For Years

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur was first announced all the way back in 2019. The project only started getting hyped up at the beginning of this year, but now it’s full steam ahead into the next three months. The series has some clear similarities with Marvel’s Ms. Marvel in style and themes, but the previous trailers and teasers have suggested a much more frantic and younger audience-directed story.

Aside from singer and actress Diamond White as Lunella Lafayette and Fred Tatasciore as Devil Dinosaur, the all-star voice cast also features Laurence Fishburne as super-villain The Beyonder, Allison Brie as Aftershock, Sasheer Zamata as Lunella’s mom Adria, Alfre Woodard as her grandmother Mimi, Jermaine Fowler as Lunella’s dad James Jr., Gary Anthony Williams as Lunella’s grandfather Pops, and Libe Barer as Lunella’s bestie Casey. The series also boasts a number of undisclosed characters voiced by high-profile guest stars like Maya Hawke, Daveed Diggs, Wesley Snipes, Cobie Smulders, Luis Guzmán, and more.

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur premieres on February 10 on Disney Channel and shortly thereafter on Disney+, on February 15. You can watch the trailer below

Check out the official synopsis here:

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, based on Marvel’s hit comic books, follows the adventures of 13-year-old super-genius Lunella Lafayette and her 10-ton T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur. After Lunella accidentally brings Devil Dinosaur into present-day New York City, the duo works together to protect the city’s Lower East Side from danger.


via Collider

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