‘The Last of Us’: New Trailer Previews the Upcoming Threats for Joel and Ellie!! Check It Out!!

You have waited…and now it’s here. The first episode of the highly anticipated adaptation of The Last of Us, aired on HBO last night and it was just as brilliant as the reviews suggested it would be. We wrapped the first episode with Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey), and Tess (Anna Torv) escaping the Boston Quarantine Zone and heading into the unknown. As we look forward to the next episode, HBO has released a trailer teasing what comes next for the trio, and how Joel and Ellie’s relationship will develop.

Ellie is excited to be out of Boston as clearly seen when the trio comes out of the sewer as they leave Boston. Now on the outside, the precocious 14-year-old has a lot to enquire about and learn from her older escorts. The trailer begins with the backdrop of suspenseful music and clicking, and frames of the Infected walking around. Ellie soon asks, “You ever kill one?”, “Yeah,” Joel replies. “Is it hard…” she adds, before laying over a new angle to the question, “knowing they were people once?” To that question, we do not get a response at least not in the trailer. However, we soon understand how Joel intends to proceed, “If I am taking you with me, we can just keep our histories to ourselves.” It is clear that Joel does not intend to be emotionally attached to Ellie while warning her to keep her “condition” private.

Surrounded by the ruins that now adorn a post-apocalyptic United States, the trailer also shows a relationship developing between Tess and Ellie, with the older lady offering key advice that while she might be immune to the virus, she is not “immune from being ripped apart.” There is a hint in the trailer to a host of new characters that would be introduced as the series progresses. Some of them include characters teased by the codes from Joel’s radio like Henry (Lamar Johnson), Sam (Keivonn Woodard), Bill (Nick Offerman), and Frank (Murray Bartlett).

Merle Dandridge’s Marlene had previously teased Ellie’s relationship with Riley (Storm Reid) and the character appears in the trailer as well. The overarching theme of the trailer is pretty clear, while our heroes, while given time, would forge stronger bonds and relationships between themselves and others, there remains the ever-ominous threat of the Infected, with Cordyceps infection that sees fungal growths bursting from an infected’s head, blinding them and seeing them make clicking sounds and using echolocation to move around and prey on victims.

With the captivating first episode, and this stunning new trailer, it is clear fans are in for a emotionally turbulent ride with the new series. The Last of Us returns with its second episode next Sunday. Watch the Weeks Ahead Trailer below:


via Collider

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