‘In Love All Over Again’ Trailer Teases the New Spanish Rom Com Series!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has announced the release date of their new Spanish romantic comedy series, In Love All Over Again, in a new teaser. In the clip, just over a minute-long, the streamer announced that the series which comes from the creator, Carlos Montero will arrive on its platform on Valentine’s Day. Perfect day to release a rom-com, don’t you think?

The teaser video begins with an introduction to a bustling college campus, with a ton of students walking around it. The date is October 23, 2003, and this is in Madrid, Spain and we soon get to meet our two protagonists who are soon to be placed under the whims of Cupid. Walking from one end to the next is Julio (Franco Masini), and coming in the opposite direction, almost on a collision course, is Irene (Georgina Amorós). However, as the clip soon explains, that collision and unleashing of the arrows of Cupid upon both of their lives will not be happening just yet. The pair though will fall in love with each other multiple times only to break up and repeat the cycle over an extended period of time.

Jump forward a couple of decades later, still in Madrid, and this time around the date is September 14, 2021, and here we have Irene sittin over a laptop, writing. The clip reveals that while this might very well be a story so predictable that you already know how it will, won’t you be interested in seeing just how we got there in the first place? Then comes the spanner in the works, maybe it’s not one of those stories that you know how it ends and those are certainly better. “Ready to begin?”

In Love All Over Again tells the story of Irene, a young film student who is in need of a star act for her short film. Step forward Julio, a fellow student whom she ends up falling for and embarking on a rollercoaster relationship that will linger for two decades. This is not your typical love story wherein bar a ton of disappointments, the love birds end up at the altar. This series shows love could be different.

The upcoming Spanish series comes from Montero who is also behind a popular Spanish series, Elite. In Love All Over Again also sees Montero and Amorós return to a working relationship after working together on Elite. This new project is co-written by Montero alongside Guillermo J. Escribano and Almudena Ocaña. The task of directing this new series is spread amongst a quartet including Bàrbara Farré, Mateo Gil, Ginesta Guindal, and Carlota Pereda. The series cast includes also Carlos González, Blanca Martínez, Albert Salazar, Jorge Suquet, Roser Vilajosana, Alejandro Jato, and Kyle Scudde.

In Love All Over Again is coming to Netflix on February 14. Watch the clip below:

via Collider

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