‘Attack the Block 2’: Joe Cornish Gives Update on Anticipated Sequel!!

It’s been over ten years since the fan-favorite science fiction comedy horror film Attack the Block was released, and nearly two years since its long-awaited sequel was announced. The highly anticipated follow-up has been surrounded by a good deal of mystery and very few details. However, it has been confirmed that the first film’s star John Boyega is currently attached to the project, as well as the film’s director Joe Cornish. And in a recent interview with Deadline, Cornish discussed the progress of Attack the Block 2, along with his work on other projects, including the Netflix project Lockwood and Co., which was released to the app today.

Attack the Block was initially released in 2011 and follows a group of disparate apartment residents who must join together to protect their block from an alien invasion. The film starred Boyega in an early role, and also starred Nick Frost and Doctor Who alum Jodie Whittaker. In 2021, the sequel was announced with Boyega set to star in and produce the project. Cornish is returning as writer-director. The project is currently in development with Boyega‘s UpperRoom Productions, Film4, and Studiocanal.

Of the upcoming project, Cornish was keen to note his involvement in other ongoing projects, including his most recent Netflix project noting that “[i]t took a very long time between Attack the Block and my second movie so I’m trying to be a bit more focused on keeping other projects in development while I make stuff.” He continued, noting that “[t]he first Attack the Block was made in complete secrecy.” This, he pointed out made sure that they “…had time to make it as good as it needed to be.” And concerning the long-awaited sequel he said that they are “…now in the middle of that process.”

Regarding the exact details of the upcoming project, Cornish was sparse but noted that “John and I have a really detailed outline and are doing the research to figure out the reality that we then merge with sci-fi fantasy.” he continued, giving an example of their work to make the film as true to life as possible, “[w]e go out in the real world with brilliant researchers and find people whose lives intersect with those characters to get the detail and realism.” But don’t expect a quick turnaround for the upcoming film, as Cornish told Deadline, “[i]t’s a co-production, and we’re going to take our time to get it exactly right.”

Cornish’s most recent project, Lockwood and Co. was released to Netflix today and is now available to stream. And though it looks like Attack the Block 2 is no closer on the horizon, we can rest assured that both Boyega and Cornish are putting the work in to make the wait worth it.


via Collider

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