‘Lioness’: Taylor Sheridan’s New Paramount+ Series Adds Michael Kelly!!

The Lioness pride just keeps growing and growing. In addition to the star-studded cast of Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, and Zoe Saldaña, Michael Kelly joins the ranks of the newest highly-anticipated Taylor Sheridan show.

Lioness is based on a real-life CIA program, and follows Cruz Manuelos, played by Laysla De Oliveira. Cruz is a rough but passionate young Marine who has been recruited to the Lioness Engagement Team to help bring down a terrorist organization from the inside. Kelly has been brought on board to play CIA Deputy Director Byron Westfield, and this will be a comfortable role for him, as he is used to playing government roles: his last role was his four-time-Emmy award nominated turn as former White House chief of staff Doug Stamper on House of Cards. Kelly‘s character on House of Cards met a memorable end, and we wonder if his character on Lioness will meet a similar end, or if he will be spared. We’ll find out when the show premieres.

Kelly‘s character will step into a government setting alongside other government characters: Freeman will play Edwin Mullins, who is the U.S. Secretary of State; Kidman will play Kaitlyn Meade, CIA senior supervisor who has played the politics game for quite some time and who deals with being a woman in a high-ranking position; and Saldaña will play Joe, the station chief of Lioness who is tasked with training, managing and leading her team of female undercover operatives. Other cast members include James Jordan, LaMonica Garrett, and Dave Annable.

Lioness is the newest show from superstar producer Sheridan. This includes Yellowstone, which stars Kevin Costner, 1883, which stars Sam Elliott and Tim McGraw; 1923, which stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren; Tulsa King, which stars Sylvester Stallone, and Mayor of Kingstown, which stars Jeremy Renner, and the upcoming shows Bass Reeves, which will star Dennis Quaid and David Oyelowo, and Land Man, which will star Billy Bob Thornton. Lioness is produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios, and executive produced by Sheridan, David C. Glasser, Ron Burkle, John Hillcoat, David Hutkin, Kidman, Geyer Kosinski, Michael Malone, Saldaña, Jill Wagner, and Bob Yari.

There is no premiere date for the show as of yet, but stay tuned to Collider for any Lioness updates. If you want to get your Taylor Sheridan fix, Yellowstone, 1883, 1923, Tulsa King, and Mayor of Kingstown are all available to stream on Paramount+.


via Collider

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