‘Infinity Pool’: New Clip Builds Up to a Creepy Break-In!! Check It Out!!

In terms of the early 2023 movie season, there have been few films as intriguing as David Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool. The Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård starring body horror thriller releases everywhere this Friday. Thanks to the crazy intense marketing full of creepy cult-like imagery and another insane performance from Goth, the film has captured the demented hearts of many horror fans. Now the latest clip for Infinity Pool teases more of the film’s atmospheric horror with one eerie break-in gone wrong.

The new clip, exclusively shared by Letterboxd, sees a group of people driving with disturbing skin masks on. It’s just one scary long drive that soaks in all of Cronenberg’s signature atmosphere and intense thematic sensibilities. One of the people along for this horrific ride is Skarsgård’s James who, given his body language, appears to be an unwilling participant in this cult’s deadly game. After the long drive and satisfying build up, the cult members try to break into an unknown woman’s house with James leading the charge. However, the woman fights back which brings the entire wrath of the monstrous intruders upon her.

The one thing this clip does really well is reestablish Cronenberg as a modern genre titan. The filmmaker is known for his grotesque themes, images, and his 2021 film Possessor frighteningly pushed the boundaries for what could be done with an R-rating in the horror genre. Like its spiritual predecessor, Infinity Pool is pushing the genre envelope even further with its atmospheric body horror which involves cloning. In the film James and his girlfriend Em, played by Cleopatra Coleman, are on a remote island vacation. However, their peaceful vacation is thrown off a cliff when they meet up with Goth’s unhinged Gabi who’s a part of a shady cult that presides on the island. James is forced into cloning himself after an accident occurs and, if he doesn’t, the punishment for his “crimes” is death. This film goes into very vicious moral gray areas with the backdrop of its horror being the sense of identity. Like with classics like Frankenstein, Infinity Pool will make you question who the real monsters are and if it’s right to kill our creations even if they have a soul of their own.

It remains to be seen if this is the “real” James, his clone counterpart committing this unsuccessful break-in or if this is the “accident” that sets the main horror story off in this clip, but nevertheless, genre fans are in for one wild ride. Infinity Pool looks to be like nothing the horror genre, or its fans, have ever seen. The film releases in theaters this Friday, January 27. While we wait for Goth’s next traumatizing performance and Cronenberg‘s visual nightmare fuel, you can view the new clip for Infinity Pool down below.


via Collider

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