‘Infinity Pool’: New Featurette Sees Mia Goth Dive Into the Film’s Madness!! Check It Out!!

While the horror genre hasn’t gone anywhere in the last number of decades, over the last few years it felt like horror has been through a modern renaissance. This all culminated in 2022 which saw an endless number of box office and critical hits for the genre. 2023 has been continuing that hot streak in January, and the next horror talk of the town is Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool. The Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård’s starring film releases in theaters this weekend. This mind-bending horror film promises to traumatize its audience with its intense atmosphere and disturbing themes. Now the latest featurette For Infinity Pool, exclusively shared by Bloody Disgusting, sees Goth dive into the film’s intriguingly sick madness.

The main theme of this featurette is the meaning of horror and how the word itself has changed/expanded over time. Goth goes into the broad nature of the genre that has made horror everlasting over the decades. Horror isn’t just restricted to monster movies like Dracula or ghost stories like The Conjuring, the word and the genre encompasses our everyday lives. The real world, more times than not, is scarier than any horror movie after all. The modern landscape of the genre, whether it be Hereditary or Pearl, has done an extremely haunting good job tapping into our everyday fears. Every year now it feels like there’s at least one new film that redefines what the term horror can be.

In 2023, the first film to do that is Infinity Pool. The body horror nightmare centers around a vacation gone horribly wrong when an ill-fated couple run into a cult. With themes tackling the unsettling sense/lack of identity while eerily exploring the disparity between rich and poor class structures seen throughout the world, Infinity Pool‘s one heck of spine-chilling experience. The ethics of cloning have a major role to play as well which is where the body horror sinisterly comes in. From the trailers alone, Infinity Pool looks to be one of the most insane films in recent memory and that has a lot to do with Goth’s latest crazed performance. Her antagonist Gabi would have Pearl shaking in her murderous dancing boots. Words like unhinged and psychotic would be an understatement when describing Gabi. That seems to be the theme with Goth’s recent roles and the actress said in the featurette that it only took her four pages into Infinity Pool’s script to realize she needed to do this film.

Infinity Pool is currently certified fresh with a killer 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film’s in theaters now, and you can view the new featurette, along with Infinity Pool’s trailer, down below.

via Collider

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