‘The Last of Us’ Episode 4 Trailer Sees Ellie and Joel Embark on a Road Trip!! Check It Out!!

HBO’s The Last of Us recently aired its third episode which gave an entirely different, yet welcomed, vibe to the series so far. Since the series premiere, there have been bouts of tragedy that marked the first two episodes and the third episode was no different – albeit in a bittersweet way. After seeing Ellie (Bella Ramsey) put an end to her very first Infected, the episode takes us on an emotional journey of survival, companionship and love as we delved into the lives of Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett). The pair had decided to continue their journey together, but that was not before helping Joel (Pedro Pascal) one last time. HBO has released a preview for episode 4, and to continue our journey we will be taking a road trip.

The trailer for episode 4 opens with Ellie and Joel once more in the woods as they continue their journey. One thing is clear early on, Ellie hates the smell of coffee, “It smells like burnt sh-t,” she remarks. But Joel does not seem to mind or care. Tess’s (Anna Torv) charge to Joel in episode 2, was to get Ellie to “Bill and Frank’s”, which Joel does; but he now has the added responsibility of getting Ellie to Wyoming. The two use Bill and Frank’s truck for their trip. With Joel behind the wheel, Ellie is charged with navigation duties and she is clearly struggling to read maps, “This is my second day in a f–king car, man.”

The truck soon comes to a halt in what seems to be a hostile environment, and an injured man approaches seeking help. Not sure whether the man is bitten, infected or simply a trap, and certainly not in the mood to find out, Joel keeps driving before clattering into debris. The new trailer introduces audiences to a new character in Kathleen (Melanie Lynskey) who is seen interrogating a hostage, gun to head, about the whereabouts of an unnamed man. “This has gone too far. It has to stop,” the hostage says to Kathleen. The rest of the trailer promises more action to come for our pair of heroes as they navigate the town wherein they’ve found themselves. “We’ll get through this,” Joel assures Ellie as the preview wraps. “I know,” she concurs.

Adapted for television by Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, The Last of Us is based on the popular video of the same title which tells the tale of a post-apocalyptic world where the Cordyceps fungus has infected the human race, turning them into zombie-like creatures and monsters. Despite just a handful of episodes in, the series has been renewed for a second season at HBO thanks to it critical acclaim and positive audience response.

The Last of Us airs on HBO and HBO Max at 9 PM ET every Sunday. And you can watch the episode 4 trailer below:

via Collider

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