M. Night Shyamalan Already Has His Next 3 Movies Figured Out!!

While on the press tour for his latest thriller, Knock at the Cabin, Academy Award-nominated director, M. Night Shyamalan, sat down with Collider’s own Steve Weintraub to talk about the book-to-screen adaptation. While discussing the movie, starring Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, and Jonathan Groff, we were curious if the writer-director has had time to consider what’s up next. Between blockbuster releases and his psychological drama series, Servant, on Apple TV+, Shyamalan’s future plans are pretty surprising.

Shyamalan is a pillar in Hollywood. From Sixth Sense—which earned the filmmaker his Oscar nomination—to Split, to Signs, his unique style and screenplays have set him apart as a genre-hopping auteur. So naturally, we had to implore about any upcoming feature projects. Shyamalan has understandably been busy, having worked simultaneously on Servant and Knock at the Cabin, but his busy schedule hasn’t deterred him from pressing onward.

In a previous interview with Shyamalan, he informed us that there were a few projects he had in mind. When asked for an update, he explained:

“Yeah, it’s a really odd moment. Both very wonderful and confusing because I have three movie ideas. I even have the structure of all three to some extent. And so it’s a very weird and interesting situation I’m feeling. I wish I could tell them faster. I wish I could get there faster, but there is no shortcut. I have to spend the six to nine months to write it. I have to storyboard for three months, and then we have pre-production, and then shooting it, and edit for as long as I can get every single second.”

To clarify, Shyamalan has the structure of three brand-new, original movies in the process of being fleshed out. Doing some quick math, we figured that meant that in under two years, we’re guaranteed to be looking at another M. Night Shyamalan movie, followed by another two films across the next six years. In response to this assessment, Shymalan confirmed, “Definitely,” adding, “But I’m hoping to do it a tiny bit faster than that. Let’s see if I can handle it.”

What Is the Premise of Knock at the Cabin?

Like his previous films, Knock at the Cabin is a suspenseful thriller that takes place in a cabin in the woods; however, the predictability ends there. Based on the Bram Stoker Award-winning novel, The Cabin at the End of the World, by author Paul Tremblay, the movie asks us what we’re willing to sacrifice when the cost is impossibly high, and the consequences are devastating. In the film, one family is chosen—two fathers (played by Groff and Ben Aldridge) and their little girl, Wen (Kristen Cui)—by a mysterious ragtag team of strangers, led by Bautista’s Leonard to make said choice. Threatened with menacing weapons, they’re asked to choose someone to die, or hundreds, thousands of other lives will be lost.

About the premise, Shyamalan says that he was originally approached to produce, but that their visions for the film didn’t align. There were choices he made in regard to the adaptation of the book’s material that clashed, but after some time thinking it over, the film landed back in Shyamalan’s hands with his own creative vision. The plot promises to keep audiences on their toes, and with his own spin on it, readers will be too.

While we wait for the next feature announcement, hopefully within the next year or two, you can check out Knock at the Cabin in theaters beginning February 3.


via Collider

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