‘Poker Face’ Episode 6 Clip Sees Natasha Lyonne’s Charlie Cale Going Head to Head with Ellen Barkin!! Check It Out!!

Rian Johnson‘s highly anticipated murder mystery series Poker Face finally arrived late last month and Natasha Lyonne‘s Charlie Cale just might be giving Benoit Blanc a run for his money as our new favorite mystery solver. This morning, Collider is delighted to debut an exclusive clip from this week’s episode. Season 1 Episode 6, “Exit Stage Death” will see Charlie’s latest gig as a dinner theater waitress interrupted by a tragic death in the middle of a performance from two washed-up former television stars.

In the new clip from Thursday’s episode, Lyonne goes head-to-head with Emmy Winner Ellen Barkin. Barkin plays Kathleen, one of the two TV stars looking for another shot at fame and fortune on the stage. She appears to be a classic Hollywood diva making Charlie’s new waitressing job a living hell. When Kathleen gives Charlie an ultimatum, the young drifter’s human-lie-detector skills click into overdrive—she confronts the actress, telling her that her performance is more or less a steaming pile of hot garbage. With the murder at the center of “Exit Stage Death” still a mystery, only Charlie Cale will be able to find the truth in the “performance of a lifetime.”

Rian Johnson Credits Natasha Lyonne as a Creative Partner on Poker Face

In a conversation with Collider‘s Christina Radish, Lyonne compared the series to the classic Angela Lansbury-led series Murder, She Wrote saying, “the magic of what we all pulled off together, with Rian as the ultimate puppet master of 3D chess, architect, and mastermind, [is that] it never seems somehow that it’s not fun even though there’s a murder in every town.”

Johnson also spoke with Radish and had high praise for the series star, explaining that the two of them collaborated on the idea for the series. He told Collider:

“The only thing I had was, “It’s a procedural case of the week show starring you, what do you think?” We sat down to dinner, we had steak and fries, we bullshitted back and forth and came up with some different stuff, and then I went away and wrote. She has absolutely been a creative partner in this, from before the beginning. This is really a house that the two of us built together. Even once it was on the page, figuring out how to play Charlie and what makes that character unique and special, it’s really been a collaboration with Natasha from the word go.”

In addition to Lyonne, Poker Face features an absolutely insane guest star lineup with performances from big stars like Ron Perlman, Oscar Nominees Hong Chau and Stephanie Hsu, and many more. “Exit Stage Death” will see Lyonne and Barkin joined by Mean GirlsTim Meadows, Jameela Jamil (The Good Place), and Audrey Corsa who you can catch in the new Apple TV+ series Dear Edward.

Poker Face releases new episodes every Thursday at 12 a.m. PT on Peacock. Check out the new clip from “Exit Stage Death” down below:

via Collider

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