‘Bosch’: New Spin-Off Focusing on Renée Ballard in the Works!!

Amazon Studios has just announced further expansion of the Bosch universe. With the Bosch spin-off Bosch: Legacy having just been renewed for a second season on Freevee, two additional Bosch spin-offs had just been added to the docket. One of the new spinoffs announced is a still untitled project that will follow Detective Renée Ballard in her work in the cold case division of the LAPD.

As the longest running series on Prime video, Bosch left quite the impression on the streaming platform. Having originally premiered in 2014, the series aired its final episodes in 2021. The series was based on a book series by Michael Connelly and followed the LAPD detective Harry Bosch, played by Titus Welliver, on his various cases. Bosch: Legacy continued the series’, well, legacy, when it began streaming on Amazon‘s Freevee streaming app. The spin-off series sees Harry Bosch in the next chapter of his life, as he begins working with people who he once considered to be enemies.

The new spin-off in the Bosch universe will follow a new detective, Detective Renée Ballard, and her work in the LAPD’s cold case division. The new series is based on the Renée Ballard series of books by Bosch series author, Connelly. The new series will go beyond investigating unsolved crimes, however. Renée will use her position to bring credibility to an often neglected department in an attempt to bring justice to her community. Renée will use lessons learned from her retired mentor Harry Bosch in order to solve her cases through unconventional tactics.

The new series will be executive produced by Connelly along with Michael Alaimo and Kendall Sherwood. Executive producing through Fabel Entertainment are Henrik Bastin, Melissa Aouate, and co-executive producer Jasmine Russ. It has not yet been revealed whether the spin-off will stream on Prime Video, like Bosch, or on Freevee, like Bosch: Legacy.

The ‘Bosch’ Universe Keeps Expanding

Another spin-off in the ever-growing Bosch universe was also announced alongside the Renée Ballard spin-off. That spin-off, which is also untitled, will take place far away from Los Angeles, in Miami, Florida. The growing thicket of Bosch properties in development at Amazon Studios is no doubt a part of a growing trend of streamers capitalizing on existing and successful properties through expanded and interconnected series. And for Amazon Studios, there is perhaps no better choice than Bosch. As one of Prime Video’s flagship series, the show is one of the steaming service’s most valuable properties.

No premiere date has yet been set for either spin-off, and it is not yet known where either new series will stream. But check back in to Collider for updates on the spin-offs.


via Collider

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