‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’: New Poster Highlights Princess Peach!! Check It Out!!

The 2023 movie season is quickly ramping up, but the first major animated film this year comes in the form of The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The Universal and Illumination film based on the iconic Nintendo video game franchise hits theaters in April. Because of that, the marketing for the film has quickly begun ramping up and this week fans of the famous Italian plumbers were treated to new character posters of Mario (Chris Pratt) and Luigi (Charlie Day). Now, Anya Taylor-Joy has shared a new poster of her character Princess Peach that will have any Mario Kart enthusiast very excited.

The poster sees everyone’s favorite Princess leading the Mushroom Kingdom into battle on Rainbow Road. As gamers would know, this is the most recognizable course in the Mario Kart franchise. Peach is also on one of her many motorcycles from that subseries while sporting her staple white and pink motorcycle outfit to complete her look. It’s hard to tell who’s behind her, but Peach seems to be in allegiance with the Kong family. While not seen in this particular poster, the most famous member of that vast family is Donkey Kong who’s voiced by Seth Rogen in the film. Beyond the various amazing series Easter eggs this poster possesses, this is just another great example of how gorgeous this film looks.

Illumination has always been known for their stellar animation, but the studio has outdone themselves here. Rainbow Road has never looked this good with the different streaks and textures running through the road showing off a breathtaking level of detail. The color work found throughout this poster is also, pardon the pun, next level.

While Princess Peach is one of the most recognizable members of the Mushroom Kingdom, for most of Mario’s nearly 40-year history, the character was only ever a damsel in distress for our plumber turned hero to save. For a time, every new game meant that Princess Peach was going to be kidnaped by Bowser while the Toads remained the most hilariously incompetent security team in history. However, Peach in the movie looks to be a whole different breed of leader. As seen in the poster and the various trailers released so far, she’s a major part of the film and is the main force behind going to war with Bowser. This is something we got a taste of in games like Super Mario 3D World, but this film is rightfully putting Peach front and center. When you add the fact that the incredible Taylor-Joy is playing the role, who literally looks like the character come to life despite this being an animated film, this cinematic adventure looks to present the ultimate version of Peach.

‘Super Mario’ Release Date

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is releasing everywhere in theaters on April 7, 2023. While Mario fans anxiously wait for this cinematic love letter to arrive, you can view Princess Peach’s new Mario Kart inspired poster down below.


Image via Illumination

via Collider

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