‘Arrested Development’: Netflix to Remove the Comedy Series Next Month!!

It’s a sad day for fans of the Bluth family, as Netflix has plans to remove Arrested Development from the streaming platform. The show, which has been for the most part the sleeper darling favorite of many a comedy nerd, is getting ready to leave Netflix on March 14, and while you have a month to rewatch the series and screengrab all your favorite jokes, it is sad that our ability to return to Jason Bateman‘s iconic straight man Michael Bluth is being lost.

While you can watch the first three seasons of the show on Hulu as well, it is still an interesting relationship that is now going up in the smoke of the banana stand. Netflix saved Arrested Development, for better or worse; it brought the show back after it was canceled on Fox after the first three seasons had aired, bringing us the fourth and fifth seasons that are even more controversial among fans.

The show itself is a bit of a hit or miss. You either love the entire run, love the original three seasons, or you aren’t a fan at all. But its relationship to Netflix and the savior of it is something that fans waver on. Still, the fact that the series is actually leaving Netflix after all this time is a lot and look, we all know that the screengrabs from Netflix are still the best out there, and so we’ll have to hurry and get our favorites or resign ourselves to the Hulu shot.

The Bateman-led series brought us Michael Cera as George Michael, Michael’s son who maybe has a crush on his cousin Maeby (Alia Shawkat) but also dated the most forgettable girl on the planet (to Michael). It also was just a masterclass in the comedy concept of “crazy man/straight man,” in the sense that Michael was the one straight man fielding the craziness of the rest of his family, with George Michael assisting him in his straight man duties from time to time.

The show itself is a comfort watch for many and leaving Netflix just reignites the fear that many fans (particularly comedy fans) have. When our shows leave the platform they’ve been on for a while, it brings about the fear of where we can all watch them next. First it was the NBC comedies of The Office and Parks and Recreation going to Peacock and now it is Arrested Development. What next?

Luckily, the first three seasons are available on Hulu and hopefully the rest of the show follows suit so that we still have the entire series in one place. Because we all need to watch Jessica Walter say “Good for her” to our hearts content.


via Collider

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