Starz and Prime Video Partner to Launch MGM+ Bundle!!

It looks like more streaming bundles are on the way, as Starz today announced that it has partnered with Prime Video to bundle with MGM+ on the streaming service in the United States. The new bundle will launch in the coming weeks, priced at $11.99 a month, which is a 20% discount from the combined prices of both subscriptions when priced as standalone subscriptions.

The new bundle deal is part of a long-term deal between both Starz and Amazon, and is certainly a move in line with the growing trend of combining streaming services as many services look to cut costs. As Collider recently reported, Warner Bros. Discovery recently announced that its streaming service Discovery+ would remain separate from HBO Max, with HBO Max retaining merged Discovery+ content. Discovery+ would remain a lower-cost streaming option, and the retention of the lower-cost streaming service was motivated by the increasingly tightened budgets of many audiences.

Streaming services such as Netflix have recently reported losses in subscriptions, and other streaming services have taken note. The combination of Starz and MGM+ content at a lower price point might prove to be beneficial to both Prime Video add-ons in the increasingly competitive world of streaming.

Alison Hoffman, President, Domestic Networks for Starz said of the decision,“[w]e are excited to join forces with Amazon to offer STARZ together with MGM+ to their millions of customers on Prime Video.” She continued, saying that “Starz is a complementary service to general entertainment offerings, so we’re thrilled to see that bundling is now here and believe there will be many more bundling opportunities to come.”

Starz is a premium television network owned by Lionsgate. The network brings to the table series such as the popular time-traveling series Outlander, which is set to air its seventh and penultimate season later this year, The Power Universe series, P-Valley, and the upcoming revival of the cult classic comedy series Party Down. Also accessible are flagship domestic Starz services including Starz Encore, 17 premium pay-TV channels, and associated on-demand and online services. Some of MGM+ premium content includes Godfather of Harlem, sci-fi horror FROM, A Spy Among Friends, War of the Worlds, and Rogue Heroes among others.

The bundle announcement was teased by Lionsgate last week at a post-earnings conference. Currently, Lionsgate and Starz are in the process of separating. Details for the separation will be announced March, and the split is expected to occur in September of this year.


via Collider

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