‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’ Sets September 8, 2023 as Release Date!!

Grab your windex and get ready to smash some more plates, as things are about to get Greek once more. Focus Features today announced that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 will release in theaters on September 8, 2023, with original star Nia Vardalos having directed, written and starred in the film.

Vardalos spoke of her happiness at returning to the series and completing the project, which was shot on location in Greece, as part of the announcement from Focus Features.

The sweet friendship which bloomed from the producers’ first taking a chance on me then grew into a beautiful relationship as they entrusted me to direct this installment of our franchise. We filmed our family reunion entirely in Greece which was thrilling for us all. Plus, we ate for free.

The original My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a sleeper hit in 2002, grossing $368.7 million against a $5 million budget. The film told the story of a woman from a traditional Greek family who falls in love with a man who is non-Greek, and was a runaway success. It was a tremendous success from critics who lauded Vardalos‘ witty writing, alongside her ability to make a fool of herself but retain sincerity and the sympathy of the audience. John Corbett and Laine Kazan starred opposite Vardalos.

The Original Film was Nominated for Best Original Screenplay

The screenplay from Vardalos was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the 2003 Academy Awards, while a sequel entitled My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was released in 2016 to a more modest reception, but was still a financial success. Vardalos also reprised her role in a spin-off series for CBS in 2003, My Big Fat Greek Life, which aired for one season.

Appearing alongside Vardalos and Corbett in the threequel are Louis Mandylor, Elena Kampouris, Maria Vacratsis, Andrea Martin, Elias Kavacas, Gia Carides, Joey Fatone and Melina Kotselou. The film will be produced by the pair of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who were both previously behind the first two films in the series.

Speaking as part of the announcement of the release date, Wilson said: “It’s thrilling to have Nia Vardalos, Academy Award nominated writer, not only in front of the camera as our star, but also behind the camera as our director, guiding our beloved cast for this third film shot on location in Greece. My Big Fat Greek Wedding has brought audiences joy for twenty-one years. I’m so happy that more joy is on the way.”

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 will be released in theaters on September 8, 2023.


via Collider

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