‘All of Those Voices’ Trailer Teases Louis Tomlinson’s Journey to Find His Voice!! Check It Out!!

In many ways, the world has still not recovered from the dissolution of One Direction. Like The Beatles before them, One Direction was a band that forever shaped its generation. Go on TikTok right now, and you can find ongoing discourse regarding the band’s members. But since the band’s breakup in 2016, its members have each explored their own path, and one member, Louis Tomlinson, is ready to talk about his experience after leaving the group, and his journey to working as a solo artist. His new documentary film All of Those Voices will explore Tomlinson’s journey to find his voice as an individual artist. All of Those Voices will be released to theaters worldwide on March 22, 2023.

Ahead of the new documentary’s release, a new trailer for the documentary has just debuted, giving us a look at Tomlinson‘s journey as an artist. The trailer begins with Tomlinson‘s initial reaction to the break-up of One Direction in 2016. In the trailer, he describes how the breakup of the band put him at a loss, and how he, as an artist, had only ever viewed his career within the context of the group. His life after the breakup was filled with confusion.

However, he eventually found his way back to himself as both a person and as an artist, this time releasing music on his own. The new documentary will explore Tomlinson‘s journey. However, unlike most celebrity documentaries, this film will take a raw, behind-the-scenes look at the musician. Featuring home film and up close and personal footage of Tomlinson and his loved ones, the new film will give us a previously private look at Tomlinson. The film will also document the creation of his 2022 solo album “Faith in the Future.”

Of the film, Tomlinson said “[t]his has been something I’ve been working on for years, I’m really excited to finally put it out into the world. I’ve said it a million times but I’m lucky enough to have the greatest fans an artist could wish for, and as they always go above and beyond for me, I wanted to share my story ‘in my own words’.“

Marc Allenby, CEO Trafalgar Releasing, added “[w]e are excited to partner with Louis and his management team to bring his incredible story to cinemas worldwide. Louis’ continued success beyond One Direction is inspiring, and clearly shows his global reach as an artist. We look forward to bringing his fans together to celebrate his life and work on the big screen this March.”

Trafalgar Releasing is distributing the film, which will be released to cinemas across the world on March 22, 2023. You can watch a trailer for the film below.

via Collider

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