‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’: New Character Poster Teases Rachel Zegler’s Anthea!! Check It Out!!

There are so many exciting superhero projects in 2023 that it’s easy to forget that the sequel to the beloved 2019 film Shazam!, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, is less than a month away from its theatrical release. The film directed once again by David F. Sandberg and starring Zachary Levi in the title hero role looks to be even more epic in its comic book depiction of gods and monsters. That includes the sequel’s main villains, the daughters of Atlas. Part of this sinister sister trio is Rachel Zegler’s Anthea. Now the West Side Story actress has shared a new poster announcing Anthea’s arrival in the DC Universe, and she means business.

The Youngest Daughter of Atlas

The international poster, shared on Zegler’s Instagram page, sees Anthea in slick golden armor ready for battle with a dagger in her hand. Commenting with a ton of exclamation marks and excitement around the image, Zegler teased, “come see if I use this dagger at any point in the film—only in theaters!” More than likely she’s definitely using the dagger in Fury of the Gods and the white lightning surrounding the poster really makes Anthea’s gold aesthetic pop.

While the DC Universe arguably has the best villains around, the daughters of Atlas are a completely new creation for this sequel. Anthea’s older sisters Hespera and Kalypso, played by the always incredible Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu, are after the power of Shazam who they claim stole it from their literal godfather. They want it back which, from the trailers, has led our hero to make some difficult decisions as The Shazam Family is tested more than ever before. Anthea hasn’t been shown much in the marketing thus far, but she appears to have a major role to play in the film as she helps her demigod sisters accomplish their deadly mission. Anthea and Billy’s foster brother Freddy also may form a romantic bond in the film which is sure to cause more tension within their superhero family.

When Does Fury of the Gods Come to Theaters?

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is releasing on March 17, 2023. The first film was such an action-packed superhero thrill ride with a ton of emotional heart. With the film’s further exploration of DC’s massive mythology, dragons and unicorns included, Fury of the Gods looks to crank everything that worked in the original Shazam! up to an electric 11. Zegler’s inclusion has only made the excitement surrounding this film even more powerful than it already was. While we wait for The Shazam Family’s return, you can view the new Anthea poster in Zegler‘s post below.

via Collider

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