‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ Gets New Character Posters!! Check It Out!!

Marvel may have kicked off the superhero calendar in a grand and bizarre fashion, but soon it will be DC’s turn with Shazam! Fury of the Gods. The sequel to the 2019 Shazam!, directed by David F. Sandberg, flies into theaters in March. The film sees Billy Batson aka Shazam (Zachary Levi and Asher Angel) up against the daughters of Atlas. Now, new character posters released by DC and Warner Brothers show that our fan-favorite kid turned superhero might not be heading into a fair fight.

The four new character posters feature Levi’s Shazam charging up in his new suit while Kalypso (Lucy Liu), Hespera (Helen Mirren), and Anthea (Rachel Zegler) are fully armored up ready for the battle ahead. Kalypso’s also holding the remade Wizard’s staff that gave Billy his powers in the first movie, which he broke in its finale after he gave powers to his newly formed Shazam Family. On top of that, Anthea’s poster is the same image seen on the international poster Zegler shared earlier this week.

What’s the Plot of ‘Fury of the Gods’?

Fury of the Gods takes place after the events of the first Shazam!. Billy’s foster family have adjusted to their new superhero lives, maybe a bit too well for his liking, and all has been pretty quiet. That’s until the daughters of Atlas come to town. These new villains created for the sequel are after the Shazam Family’s power, a power they claim the heroes stole from their father Atlas. One by one, with battles that involve unicorns and dragons, the daughters of Atlas take back their powers until there’s only Billy left to stop them. While the Shazam Family is going to have a major part to play in this film, the trailers and these new set of posters seem to tease the three on one unfair battle between Shazam and the daughters of Atlas at the heart of this story. However, Anthea appears to be the wild card of the film as she has been seen forming a relationship with Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer) in various pieces of marketing released for Fury of the Gods thus far. She may be the one to even the odds.

When Does ‘Fury of the Gods’ Come Out?

Shazam! Fury of the Gods hits theaters on March 17, 2023. While the first film wasn’t the biggest box office hit in the world, it was one of the most heartfelt, joyful, and emotional action-packed adventures to hit the DCU in a very long time. Sandberg and his filmmaking team look to recapture that Shazam magic on a much grander scale. While DC fans wait for the fury of the gods to arrive, you can view the new character posters down below.

via Collider

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