‘Boston Strangler’: New Clip Sees Keira Knightley on the Trail of a Killer!!! Check It Out!!

Keira Knightley is hot on the trail of a killer and won’t take “no” for an answer in a new clip for Hulu’s upcoming crime thriller, Boston Strangler. Streaming on Hulu on March 17, Knightley and Carrie Coon will tell the infamous story of the Boston Strangler and the women who broke the mystery behind the crimes known as the “Silk Stocking Murders”.

Today’s clip focuses on Knightley’s Loretta McLaughlin, a lifestyle journalist who wants to be involved in investigating the bizarre string of murders plaguing the Boston area. Presumably the very beginning of Loretta’s involvement with the case, we see her presenting her superior Jack (Chris Cooper) with the impossible coincidence that three women were strangled in the same way over the last two weeks. While Jack doesn’t see “the interest” in chasing down any leads, Loretta stands her ground, insisting that the murders need to be investigated. Of course, Jack laughs at her request, commenting that the journalist doesn’t “have the experience” to involve herself in such matters. But, in the end, Loretta’s tenacity wins out when her boss agrees to allow her to do profiles on the victims during her own time. And just like that, an armchair detective was born.

While this clip featured only one of our two leading protagonists, the film will also star Coon as Loretta’s co-worker Jean Cole. Loretta turns to Jean, her friend and peer, when things begin to take off and she realizes that she’ll need some extra help if she wants to crack the case. The rest of the series will see the women beating all the odds and standing up against sexism and workplace discrimination until they find the man responsible for the slayings that have left the city of Boston in a state of fear.

The True Story of the Boston Strangler

Despite the belief that there may have been more than one serial killer and rapist active on the streets of Boston between the years of 1962 and 1964, the only man to ever be arrested and dubbed The Boston Strangler was Albert DeSalvo. While DeSalvo was genetically connected to one of the 13 murders attributed to the serial killer, doubt has always surrounded the case with many believing that at least one other person, or a “copycat killer”, was also committing the atrocious crimes at the time. McLaughlin and Cole’s work was nonetheless paramount in drawing attention to the case and calling it for what it was – a string of serial murders and sexual assaults.

While it hasn’t been made official who will be playing the role of the serial killer DeSalvo in the Matt Ruskin-directed and penned production, all signs seem to be pointing towards The Suicide Squad actor David Dastmalchian. Also starring in the film will be Alessandro Nivola, Rory Cochrane, Robert John Burke, Jon Lindstrom, Ivan Martin, Morgan Spector, Kris Sidberry, and Mellanie Hubert.

Check out the clip for Boston Strangler below and join the hunt when the film hits Hulu on March 17.

via Collider

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