‘Waco: The Aftermath’ Trailer Sees the Trials of the Surviving Branch Davidians!! Check It Out!!

There’s a rage bubbling to the surface of America in the new trailer for Showtime‘s sequel series Waco: The Aftermath. Set after the tragic events of the Waco siege at Mount Carmel, the show will focus on the trials of the surviving Branch Davidians and the fury felt by civilians who feel the feds went too far. Following the deaths of so many, including Branch Davidians leader David Koresh (Taylor Kitsch), domestic terrorists have only been emboldened, leading to the rise of a new homegrown threat, Timothy McVeigh (Alex Breaux). The new footage shows Michael Shannon‘s Gary Noesner trying to stop more violence from occurring even as he faces pushback from the public and others in the FBI.

Set to a cover of “Losing My Religion,” the footage kicks off with Noesner explaining how Waco has only united civil war-minded domestic terrorists and other individuals who lack faith in the American government and justice system. The result is a rise in further incidents and more animosity toward the FBI in particular. Noesner wants to keep investigating these new homegrown threats, but the bureau is facing scrutiny from all sides for its actions. There’s a fear that further bulldozing domestic terrorists will continue to make them stronger, but Noesner and others know the best course of action is to try to protect people from further violence.

Waco: The Aftermath looks to draw direct lines from the Waco massacre to the Oklahoma City Bomber McVeigh and the emerging “Patriot” movement. Both are hinted at heavily as a note is found signed by McVeigh addressing his fellow patriots, but the trailer contains other haunting signs of extremism. Men are shown practicing their aim with firearms on targets labeled ATF, referring to the agents at Waco, and they have detailed notes written out for their next attack. Their concerning actions continue through the rest of the trailer leading to a final shot that shows Koresh nodding his head before cutting to a truck full of explosives – the explosives that will eventually be used in the Oklahoma City Bombings.

Waco: The Aftermath Boasts a Robust Cast of New and Returning Stars

Originally titled American Tragedies: Waco – The Trials, Waco: The Aftermath follows up Showtime‘s successful original series Waco and brings back a vast majority of its cast in the process. Making up the talented team of newcomers and returning stars opposite Shannon and Breaux are John Leguizamo, Giovanni Ribisi, David Costabile, J. Smith Cameron, John Hoogenakker, Keean Johnson, and Abbey Lee alongside Shea Wingham, Annika Marks, Michael Vincent Berry, Michael Cassidy, Gary Cole, Nicholas Kolev, Michael Luwoye, Kieran Mulcare, Kali Rocha, and Sasheer Zamata.

All episodes will be directed by Drew Dowdle and John Erick Dowdle who return to the helm of the series after Waco. They also executive produce with Shannon, Kitsch, Andrew Getens, and Lauren Mackenzie. Rounding out the production team are David C. Glasser, David Hutkin, Bob Yari, and Ron Burkle of 101 Studios, as well as Gary Barber of Spyglass.

Waco: The Aftermath continues the story of the American tragedy on April 14 for all Showtime subscribers before premiering on-air on April 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Check out the trailer below.


via Collider

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