‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2: New Clip Teases Alina’s Plan!! Check It Out!!

The second season of highly anticipated fantasy series Shadow and Bone is set to premiere on Netflix on March 16, and ahead of the anticipated release, the streamer has been teasing fans with sneak peeks from the upcoming show. So far, Netflix has released posters, images, short clips and trailers. From the streamer comes another teaser to hype fans up for another adventure into Grishaverse come March 16. The new clip shows the protagonist, Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) planning her next step to take down the enemy.

Netflix’s Shadow and Bone TV series is based on popular Grishaverse books written by Leigh Bardugo. The show combines stories from Bardugo’s books, The Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows, following The Shadow and Bone’s protagonist, young orphan Alina, after she discovers that she is the prophesied Sun Summoner, the all powerful Grisha whose destiny is to destroy the Shadow Fold and the deadly creatures that make it home, but Alina’s destiny isn’t made easy as she has to fight General Kirigan, also known as the Darkling (Ben Barnes) in other to destroy the Fold. The Six of Crows’ aspect of the series follows the gang of thieves led by Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter) as they take on a dangerous job with the hopes of making their dreams come true.

The new clip released by Netflix teases a plan to put an end to the Darkling’s schemes. The teaser shows Alina, the mapmaker who turned out to be the all powerful Sun Summoner, and her best friend and love interest, Mal (Archie Renaux), in a meeting with Sturmhond, a young privateer, commanding his own fleet of ships. Alina and Mal seek Sturmhond’s help to hunt a powerful amplifier that Alina believes will help make her strong enough to tear down the Fold. Sturmhond is played by new cast member Patrick Gibson (The OA).

Who Will Star in ‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2?

Alongside Gibson, Li, Barnes, Carter, and Renaux, the second season of the fantasy series will have returning cast members Amita Suman, Kit Young, Danielle Galligan, Calahan Skogman, Sujaya Dasgupta and Daisy Head reprising their roles. New cast members include Lewis Tan (Mortal Kombat), who will play Tolya, a trusted crew member on Sturmhond’s fleet; Jack Wolfe (The Witcher), who will take on the role of Wylan, a new member of the Crows; and Anna Leong Brophy (Traces), who will play Tamar another trusted crew member on Sturmhond’s fleet.

Shadow and Bone season 2 will debut on Netflix on March 16. Checkout the new teaser clip below:

via Collider

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