‘Liaison’: New Featurette Goes BTS of the New Thrilling Spy Series!! Check It Out!!

The cast and crew of Apple TV+ series Liaison share their thoughts on filming the thriller spy series in a new video. The action-packed television series surprisingly did not require any green screens and share how many of the chaotic scenes were really shot in a new Liaison featurette.

In a two-minute clip, the cast and crew of Liaison summarize their experience working in the project. Director Stephen Hopkins shared that his vision of Liaison sprouted from wanting the audience to feel as though they “were right inside the action.” From floods to plane crashes and train wrecks, the big set pieces were filmed without a green screen. Actors Daniel Francis and Eva Green were quick to express how they could not grasp at the thought of how the series would pull off such high level production without green screens. The production gives fans a quick sneak peek behind the scenes briefly explaining one of the most chaotic scenes, and also demonstrate how Vincent Cassel studies and perfects his fighting scenes.

Cassel and Green star as agents Gabriel Delange and Alison Rowdy, two former lovers who must work together to combat international cyberattacks in the UK. The two agents face some of their buried secrets as they also encounter massive life-threatening scenarios. The high-stakes thriller explores how the mistakes of one’s past could potentially destroy one’s future.

‘Liaison’ Offer Alot More Than Action

The series premiered on Apple TV+ on February 23, 2023. With only two episodes readily available for streaming the series has caused some buzz with its action-packed sequences. The English-French language thriller drama is not only filled with action but also mystery, politics, romance and a bit of mind games. In just two-episodes the leading characters have dealt with so much aside from the Syrian hackers, who knows what else is store for the remaining of the season.

The Apple TV+ original series is created by Virginie Brac, who is also known as a writer for the television series Cannabis, and Message from the King‘s Oliver Butcher. The espionage drama’s cast includes Peter Mullan, Aziz Dyab, Lyna Dubarry, Olivia Popica, and Laëtitia Eïdo. The series is executive produced by Cassel, Hopkins, Justin Thomson, Gub Neal, Sarada McDermott, Jean-Benoît Gillig, and Edward Barlow.

Liaison is now streaming on Apple TV+ its third and latest episode will be available on Thursday, March 9, 2023. Check out the short behind-the-scenes featurette of Liaison below:

via Collider

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