‘The Summer Book’: Glenn Close to Lead Adaptation of Family Drama!!

One of Glenn Close‘s next roles will be in a film adaptation of The Summer Book. According to Deadline, Close has been cast in the upcoming adaptation of the novel. The book tells the story of a young girl and her grandmother. In the story, they spend one summer together on an island in the Gulf of Finland.

The Summer Book novel was written by Tove Jansson. It was first published in 1972. Jansson‘s other work includes the Moomin book series, which consists of nine books published from 1945-1970. She also wrote the novels The True Deceiver (1982) and Fair Play (1989). “The Summer Book is dear to many readers around the world,” said Jansson‘s niece Sophia Jansson. “It is my favorite of Tove Jansson‘s books, and it holds a very special place in my heart. Every word of it ushers in vivid childhood memories of my beloved grandmother – her voice, her way of relating to and moving around the island. Seeing that story finally come alive on the big screen will be fantastic and moving on a deeply personal level.”

Close‘s previous work includes 2021’s Swan Song (directed by Benjamin Cleary), 2020’s Hillbilly Elegy (directed by Ron Howard), and Four Good Days (directed by Rodrigo García). The film will also star Anders Danielsen Lie. Lie’s previous work includes 2022’s Sick of Myself (directed by Kristoffer Borgli), 2021’s Bergman Island(directed by Mia Hansen-Løve), and The Worst Person in the World (directed by Joachim Trier).

The film adaptation will be directed by Charlie McDowell. McDowell‘s previous work includes 2022’s Windfall, 2017’s The Discovery, and 2014’s The One I Love. He will also be a producer for the film through the production company Case Study Films, which he co-founded with Alex Orlovsky and Lily Collins. Orlovsky will be a producer and Collins will be an executive producer for The Summer Book.

“I’m deeply honored to be adapting one of my favorite novels, Tove Jansson’s The Summer Book, and to film in Finland, the beautiful country in which this story is based,” said McDowell. “It’s long been a dream of mine to work with Glenn Close. I’ve long admired her thoughtfulness, immense versatility, and deeply captivating presence both on the stage and on screen. I first discovered Anders Danielsen Lie from his brilliant collaborations with Joachim Trier and he’s quickly become one of my favorite actors out of Scandinavia. I can’t imagine a more magnificent duo to collaborate with on this film.”

The movie’s screenplay was written by Robert Jones. Stille productions’ Kath Mattock, Free Range FilmsKevin Loader, High Frequency Entertainment‘s Duncan Montgomery, and Helinski Film‘s Aleksi Bardy will be producers of the film. High Frequency Entertainment‘s Jack Selby and Hurst Capital‘s Arthur Farache and Victoria Casteli will be executive producers.

The Summer Book is scheduled to begin filming this summer in Finland. Close‘ most recent film, Swan Song, is currently available to stream on Apple TV+.


via Collider

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