‘Yellowjackets’ Will Likely End with Season 5 Says Series Creators!!

The anticipation for Yellowjackets Season 2 is high, fans are eager to return to the wilderness with their favorite characters and see the impact of their trauma in their present-day lives. The thrilling drama had fans’ attention from the very first episode, presenting shocking twists and turns that resulted in seven Primetime Emmy nominations including Outstanding Drama Series and acting nominations for Melanie Lynskey and Christina Ricci for their performances. The critical acclaim gave a boost to Showtime to renew the show for two more seasons with Season 2 slated to air later this month.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson talk about maintaining a 5-season-long arc for the show. Lyle tells that their “original plan was about five seasons, and we feel like we’re still on track for that.” The series follows a group of New Jersey high school girl soccer players whose plane crashes deep in the wilderness while traveling for a national tournament in the ’90s. The series presents an amalgamation of their attempts to stay alive while also tracking their current lives in the present day. The co-creator further divulges that “there’s always room for things,” adding that they don’t really see the series being more than a five-season show.

“I think that there are shows that can go forever, but I think that when you’re telling such a deeply serialized story and it’s about these characters’ lives, you want to reach a satisfying conclusion and not just drag things out forever. This isn’t really one of those setup shows where it can go anywhere.

What to Expect From Yellowjackets Season 2?

As for Season 2, the co-creators feel it is “largely what we always planned, but you do make a lot of discoveries along the way and so it’s always a little bit surprising.” Adds Nickerson “In terms of some of the major places that we wanted to land or move the story to, that is happening, but a lot of the dynamics and what it means to the characters are different than I necessarily thought they would be.” He elaborates that some of the envisioned things are still happening though “they’re just happening in different ways, which I kind of feel like is perfect for keeping the experience alive and vital on our side.” He revealed their excitement about discovering new avenues. “It’s a big part of our process and the thing that we enjoy the most about doing this. We feel like the architecture that we started with is still holding up, but all the rooms are turning out pretty different in this exciting way.”

The upcoming season promises more gloomy experiences in the wilderness while the present-day timeline presents more challenges for the grown-up group as they deal with their trauma and try to protect each other. Yellowjackets returns for season 2 on March 24.


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