‘Blindspotting’ Season 2 Trailer Sees Ashley Getting Stuck in a Complicated Situation!! Check It Out!!

The first trailer for the new season of Blindspotting makes it clear that things won’t be getting any easier for Ashley (Jasmine Cephas-Jones) this time around. The comedy series, which is a spin-off of the 2018 film of the same name, premiered on Starz back in the summer of 2021. Right out of the gate, it put Cephas-Jones‘ character in a complicated situation when her partner, Miles (Rafael Casal), is sent to prison, forcing her to live with his mother (Helen Hunt) and half-sister (Jaylen Barron). As if the situation wasn’t unconventional enough, Ashley has to continue raising her son (Atticus Woodward) while adjusting to her new life.

In the trailer, Ashley gets ready for a family visit to Miles, teasing how she’ll get some moments of privacy with her husband after so long. Since things are never quite simple in her life, she can’t seem to get the quality time with Miles that she wants, with their moments together being interrupted by Sean or any other members of the family. It seems that Ashley will keep looking for a way to live her life to its fullest potential despite her unusual circumstances, and not even this season’s guest stars, Levar Burton and Tamera Tomakili, will be able to get her out of her predicament.

Season 2 picks up nine months after the events of the first installment, with Rainey doing her best to make Ashley and Sean feel at home while trying to find a way to stay connected to her son behind bars, but Ashley holds all the cards. The frustration from everything that’s happened to her recently has Ashley being aggressive towards those around her, complicating their relationships even further. On the other hand, Trish’s new business is flourishing, but she is dealing with jealousy issues now that her best friend and business partner Jacque (April Absynth) is dating Cuddie (Lance Holloway)

Behind-The-Scenes of Blindspotting

In addition to co-creating the series, Casal and Daveed Diggs both serve as executive producers and writers with Casal also serving as showrunner and director of four episodes. Jess Wu Calder and Keith Calder of Snoot Entertainment (One Night In Miami, Anomalisa), Emily Gerson Saines, Ken Lee, and Tim Palen also serve as executive producers, with Wu Calder also directing two episodes in season two. Senior Vice President of Original Programming Kathryn Tyus-Adair is the executive overseeing Blindspotting on behalf of STARZ. Claire Wendlandt is the executive overseeing the series on behalf of Lionsgate.

You can check out the trailer for the new season of Blindspotting below, before the series returns to Starz on April 14:


via Collider

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