‘I’m a Virgo’ Teaser Sees Jharrel Jerome Growing Large!! Check It Out!!

Growing up is hard, but especially when you grow to be 13-feet tall. In Boots Riley‘s upcoming new series I’m a Virgo, Cootie, a Black man living in Oakland, California, must deal with being significantly taller than everyone around him. Jharrel Jerome, widely known for his roles in Moonlight and When They See Us, leads the series as Cootie. While no release window has been set beyond “coming soon”, Prime Video shared the first trailer for the series.

Most plot details about the show are being kept close to the chest, but the trailer does offer a pretty good idea of what to expect. It begins with Mike Epps‘ character talking to someone who turns out to be a young Cootie, who’s quite the tall child. Based off Epps‘ dialogue, it’s already clear that Cootie causes a good deal of damage around the house due to his size. The problem only grows as he does, with him getting bigger and bigger, and the house becoming smaller and smaller by comparison. So, now a young man, Cootie comes up with his own solution to leave the house, experiencing everything outside his small bubble for the first time. Along the way, Cootie crosses paths with a superhero that changes the course of his life.

Despite Cootie’s large burden and the distress it causes him, the trailer ensures it focuses on the joy he experiences as well. Within his home, it seems the family tries to also give him a good life the best way they know how, as we see moments of them bonding. Similarly, Cootie’s experiences beyond his house showcase his sense of wonder as he traverses the city with new people and takes everything in.

I’m a Virgo is created, written, directed, and executive produced by Riley. It follows his feature debut Sorry to Bother You, which also carries an absurdist and satirical tone. Jerome also acts as executive producer, with Amazon Studios and Media Res Studio co-producing. Alongside Jerome and Epps, the series stars Walter Goggins, Brett Gray, Kara Young, Olivia Washington, Carme Ejogo, and Allius Barnes.

Boots Riley Says Cootie Being a Virgo Is Important

During a Sundance interview with Collider‘s Steve Weintraub, Riley offered deeper insight on the series. One notable tidbit he included is that Cootie being a virgo is an integral part of the character’s identity. Riley shared that to most people encountering a 13-foot-tall Black man, being a virgo isn’t going to be the significant part about him. To Cootie, “That’s what’s important to him about himself.” Riley added praise for Jerome’s performance, saying, “[He] does an amazing job, and people are going to be looking at him with different eyes after this one.”

The seven-episode first season of I’m a Virgo is coming soon to Prime Video. Watch the teaser trailer below:


via Collider

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