‘Slip’ Trailer Sees Zoe Lister-Jones Hop Dimensions Through the Power of Sex!! Check It Out!!

Roku released the wild first trailer for Slip, a comedy series that sees Zoe Lister-Jones go on a dimension-hopping journey of sex and self-discovery. She plays Mae, a restless wife who’s stuck in a marriage that is loving but lacks any romance or excitement. When she slips up and has a one-night stand with an attractive stranger named Eric (Amar Chadha-Patel), however, she wakes to find herself in an alternate universe where she and Eric are a couple. The trailer shows off her bizarre sex-related dimensional travel abilities and how she’ll slip through different worlds and relationships en route to rediscovering herself and her husband.

Mae opens the trailer with a metaphor. Her life is like a dream – seemingly perfect where everything goes according to plan, and she has a stable marriage with Elijah (Whitmer Thomas) who she truly loves, but nothing really happens. It’s the same routine day in and day out. That banality leads her into the arms of Eric who takes her to his place for the night. The panic of waking up in a stranger’s home after a bad decision is only amplified when she sees pictures of the two together on their wedding day. Even worse, when she leaves to find her husband in her original world, she’s waved off as some creeper. It leads her to only one conclusion, telling her friend, “I’m being transported to other dimensions every time I orgasm.”

For all the comedic hijinks of seeing her thrown into a high society that she is not familiar with, the power gives Mae the opportunity to explore who she wants to be. Through her dimension hopping, she finally confronts motherhood and experiences things she could never dream of. None of the worlds feel right, however. Crucially, though, “slipping” gives her the opportunity to meet Elijah all over again as a complete stranger and come back to her marriage from a new angle.

Lister-Jones Follows Up How It Ends With Another Epic Journey

Slip is poised to be another bizarre, funny, and enlightening journey from Lister-Jones after she co-directed and starred in 2021’s How It Ends. That film saw Lister-Jones and Cailee Spaeny take an apocalyptic walk through Los Angeles while meeting bizarre characters along the way played by a jaw-dropping ensemble of comedians and actors. This time around, she’ll share the screen with Tymika Tafari, and Emily Hampshire alongside the aforementioned Thomas and Chadha-Patel.

Lister-Jones wears just about every hat possible with Slip, serving as the series writer, director, and executive producer in addition to starring. Her fellow executive producers include Ro Donnelly, Dakota Johnson, Katie O’Connell Marsh, Ivan Schneeberg, and David Fortier with Karen Harnisch as the lone producer. When it airs, it’ll mark the first production for Johnson‘s TeaTime Productions banner which teamed with Boat Rocker to bring the series to screens.

Slip debuts its full season on Roku on April 21. Check out the trailer and poster below.

via Collider

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