‘The Room’: Bob Odenkirk to Star in Remake of Tommy Wiseau’s Cult Film for Charity!!

Bob Odenkirk is set to star in an upcoming remake of cult film, The Room (2003). The Better Call Saul actor shared the news that he would be starring in the reboot of Tommy Wiseau’s film on social media, revealing filming had taken place in January.

As revealed in a recent Variety article, Odenkirk has confirmed he will be starring in the remake of The Room. “This is real. This is true,” Odenkirk posted to his official Twitter account on Wednesday morning, revealing his involvement in the project. He also disclosed that he’d already filmed his scenes, sharing how much he enjoyed the process. “And let me tell you, I tried my best to SELL every line, as honestly as I could… and I had a BLAST.”

Odenkirk’s involvement in the project was also confirmed after the film’s director Brandon Crawford shared an image from the film to his Instagram account. “Can you really trust anyone? [S]tills from my upcoming film, a remake of 2003’s The Room, for @acting4acause and a throwback to the first film I was ever in an unreleased gem called Runaway Hemingway @jakealfaro1138 @reelfilm back in 2015,” Crawford captioned a post. The post shows two images, the first being a still of Odenkirk’s character facing off with a man holding a football on a city rooftop, and the second a still from Crawford’s part in the 2015 movie, Runaway Hemingway. Previously, Cameron Kasky (Parkland Rising), who will also take part in the project, shared images of Bella Heathcoate (Pieces of Her) on set as femme fatale Lisa (who was played in the original film by Juliette Daniels).

The remake of The Room will be done in the name of charity, with Odenkirk’s announcement the first time Wiseau and his team knew of the project. Production of the remake has been undertaken by Crawford’s organisation, Acting For a Cause, which requests donations for digital performances. Previously, the organisation has raised money for various charitable causes with the help of guests like Zazie Beetz (Atlanta, Deadpool 2), Julia Fox (Puppet, Paradise), Alex Wolff (Hereditary, Pig), and Justice Smith (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu). Money raised by the remake of The Room will go to the nonprofit organisation the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR). Reportedly filmed using a green screen, Odenkirk finished filming his scenes in January. However, representatives for Wiseau have revealed that neither Wiseau nor his associates were aware of the remake before Wednesday, with no one reportedly contacting Wiseau-Films in regards to licensing.

With a global following, The Room (2003) began as an independent production that rose to fame after Wiseau capitalised on late-night screenings in Los Angeles. The drama focuses on successful San Francisco-based bank executive Johnny (Wiseau), who soon learns that his fiance, Lisa (Daniels), has seduced his best friend, Mark (Greg Sestero). Directed and written by Wiseau, the film also stars Philip Haldiman, Carolyn Minnott, Robyn Paris, Mike Holmes, Dan Janigian, Kyle Vogt, and Greg Ellery. Sestero wrote about his experience on making the cult film. His book The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room (2013), which he co-wrote with writer Tom Bissell (The Mosquito Coast), was adapted into an Oscar-nominated feature directed by James Franco (The Deuce) in 2017.

The Room is currently available for streaming or to buy on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV+, Shudder, and Google Play.


via Collider

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