‘Three Pines’ Cancelled After One Season!!

Three Pines, the Quebec-based detective drama, has become the latest victim of the recent purge of content from the world’s leading streaming services. The series has been canceled by Prime Video after just a single season. The news, reported by Deadline, first came to light via the Instagram accounts of showrunner Emilia di Giorlamo, source material writer Louise Penny and star Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers.

Giorlamo had already departed from the project but wrote on Instagram to say, “I have been told Left Bank, Sony & Prime Video all wanted to bring the show back but were unable to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.” Giorlamo continued to provide solace to fans who are likely upset at the news marking the show’s cancelation, noting that the series of novels on which the series is based, written by the aforementioned Penny, are plentiful, “there are 18 of Louise’s incredible books in the series to cover. Vive Gamache!” Penny‘s comments reflect disappointment that Prime Video will not continue to adapt her series of novels with further seasons of Three Pines, saying, “I am shocked and upset.” Like any show, [Three Pines] had growing pains but it was only going to get better and better.”

Three Pines stars Alfred Molina as Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. Throughout the eight-episode-long first and only season of the show, Gamache investigates cases and solves numerous murders within the idyllic backdrop of the Quebec village, Three Pines, giving the series its name. The final episode of the season even ended on a cliffhanger – that of Gamache with his life on the line – which fans will not be able to see resolved.

Molina‘s co-star Tailfeathers portrayed the series’ female lead Sgt. Isabelle Lacoste and had this to say on the show’s cancelation: “Thank you to everyone who watched and supported the show. It meant the world to me knowing this show resonated with such a massive global audience. As an Indigenous actor, I never thought I’d have the opportunity to be the leading woman on a #1 show like this.”

​​​​​Season one of Three Pines is available to stream on Prime Video.


via Collider

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