‘Bass Reeves’: Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-Off Adds Garrett Hedlund!!

Tulsa King co-star Garrett Hedlund is reuniting with that show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, for the new Paramount+ Western drama Bass Reeves. According to Variety, Hedlund will play Garrett Montgomery, a “posse man” hired by the lawman of the show’s title (David Oyelowo) “for his riding know-how and expertise of the area.”

Hedlund, who portrays bull rider-turned-bartender-turned-gangster Mitch Keller on Sheridan‘s Tulsa King, joins the previously-cast Dennis QuaidBarry PepperDemi Singleton, Forrest Goodluck, Lauren E. Banks and Grantham Coleman in Bass Reeves. It’s just the latest project on the actor’s busy dance card, which also includes the thrillers Desperation Road, opposite Mel Gibson, and The Tutor, in which he’ll play the titular educator opposite Noah SchnappVictoria Justice and Jonny Weston.

Speaking to Collider late last year, Hedlund praised Sheridan: “Taylor‘s an outlaw. He writes outlaw characters. You can’t help but want to watch these guys, want to root for them, all their struggles, all their conflicts. I mean, he writes outlaw gold. Hell or High WaterSicario, creating Yellowstone, now this… Taylor‘s really got a gift, but he does all the work. He’s phenomenal.”

Bass Reeves will be the fourth addition in Sheridan‘s ever-growing Yellowstone universe, the most recent entry of which is 1923, starring Harrison Ford and Helen MirrenBass Reeves will be a spin-off of a different prequel series, 1883(in fact, it was originally titled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story). Set to consist of six hour-long episodes, the show was inspired by the true story of the first black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River. Speaking about the series this past June, two-time Oscar nominee Oyelowo noted that Reeves also served as the basis for the nominal hero of a different famous franchise:

“So Bass Reeves is a character who the Lone Ranger was actually based on. But unfortunately, he was whitewashed out of history. He was born into enslavement, went on to fight in the Civil War [and] then escaped to the Indian Territory; learned the Native American languages and skills, which ended up being applied to his career as a lawman, and [he] had the most prolific career. 3000 arrests in his career and someone whose exploits are truly legendary.”

Although a release date has not yet been announced, Bass Reeves is currently filming near Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to writing and executive producing the show, Sheridan will direct the first two episodes as well.


via Collider

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