‘Tetris’ Clip Teases the Film’s Turning Point!! Check It Out!!

In the era of video game adaptations that actually know what they are doing with the source material, it’s the perfect time for us to discover how some of the games that formed the basis of virtual playing came to life. That’s what we’ll witness with Tetris, the biopic that chronicles the creation of one of the most popular games ever made. Today, Apple TV+ shared with Collider a clip that reveals the energy we can expect from the movie and from its star Taron Egerton, which we can now share with you.

The clip from Tetris reveals a turning point in the story: That moment when the characters realize they’ve got a great idea in their hands and are completely psyched about it. Of course, it absolutely helps that most of the scene happens to the tune of Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” a song that no one can resist. Or no one should be able to resist, as Egerton’s character Henk Rogers points out to his friend Alexey (Nikita Efremov).

Great Ideas Like Tetris “Have No Borders”

The clip also makes it clear that the song isn’t used by chance. By the looks of it, Henk and Alexey are in Russia, and Henk is impressed that everyone at the party knows the all the lyrics from the Swedish rock band song, which prompts Alexey to tell him that “great ideas have no borders.” It’s true: We all know that something – especially works of art – that appeal to a great number of audiences transcend language and country barriers.

A Thriller Story For a Game That Makes You Anxious

Tetris is directed by John S. Baird (Filth), who admitted to Den of Geek that he wasn’t a gamer but loved playing Tetris. The filmmaker revealed that his approach to the story is a bit different from what we’re used to expecting from a biopic, since the Tetris release story is surprisingly tense and full of twists:

“I’m probably less of a gamer and more of a thriller person. For me, it’s a thriller—it’s a mad story—that just happens to be about one of the most famous games there’s ever been. […] I’m a great believer in detail. We got the guy who actually invented ‘Tetris’ to write the code we use in the movie. With Henk [Rogers], it was about details like, ‘What were the border guards like? What was your hotel room like? How gray was Moscow?’ […] But I have to say, 90 percent of it, we really stuck to the [real] narrative. We just jazzed up the other 10 percent because it’s not a documentary.”

Aside from Egerton and Efremov, the cast of Tetris also features Roger Allam (V for Vendetta) Moyo Akande (Up on the Roof), Toby Jones (The Pale Blue Eye), Sofya Lebedeva (Vikings: Valhalla), Rick Yune (Alita: Battle Angel), Igor Grabuzov (No Looking Back), Ken Yamamura (The Wolverine), Miles Barrow (The Peripheral), Aaron Vodovoz (The King’s Man), and Leva Andrejevaite (Rusalki).

Apple TV+ premieres Tetris on March 31. You can watch the exclusive clip below:

via Collider

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