‘Paris Paramount’: Nancy Meyers’ Star Studded Rom-Com Cancelled at Netflix!!

It appears Nancy Meyer‘s lengthy hiatus is going to continue for longer than expected. In an unfortunate turn of events, Netflix has pulled the plug on Meyer’s big-budget film, Paris Paramount (working title) which was supposed to bring the rom-com maestro out of retirement. The news comes as a surprise given that Netflix recently boarded the project only to exit the project just a few weeks later. According to reports, the reason behind the streamer’s decision was due to budget disagreements.

When Netflix green-lit the project, it was revealed that the project was looking to receive a jaw-dropping budget estimated between $130 and $150 million. Reports say the streamer pegged the limit at the lower end, but Meyer‘s team pushed for a little bit more. Failure to find common ground saw the two inadvertently part ways. At $130 million, Paris Paramount would have overtaken James L. Brooks‘s final film How Do You Know (2010) by $10 million to become the most expensive rom-com feature ever made. Interestingly, both share some similarities in that Paris Paramount is also likely to be Meyer‘s final movie before she officially retires from filmmaking. Brook‘s film despite featuring a star-studded cast (including Reese WitherspoonOwen WilsonPaul Rudd, and Jack Nicholson) was a disappointing box office flop, which is a gamble Netflix isn’t quite confident to play.

Amid the severe cost-cutting wave that continues to sweep across Hollywood, leading to many heartbreaking outcomes for fans, Netflix‘s fears are understandable as companies are increasingly under pressure to break even. As How Do You Know proves, a big budget and a star-studded cast is not always a guaranteed recipe for success. Paris Paramount was set to feature an exciting A-list cast with Scarlett JohanssonOwen WilsonPenélope Cruz, and Michael Fassbender reportedly on the call sheet. Meyers was set to write, direct and produce the film which would’ve marked her return to directing in almost a decade. For the script, the rom-com queen took a few pages out of her own life experience as the film follows a former couple, both filmmakers who reluctantly reunite on set for a big project.

‘Paris Paramount’ Will Be Shopped To Other Buyers

Thankfully, the project might still get made as Meyers‘ and her team are not giving up just yet. Reports reveal that the project is being shopped elsewhere and given Meyers’ shiny track record, it is expected that Paris Paramount will attract new suitors before long. From The Parent Trap to The Holiday, Meyers is behind more than a handful of indelible romantic comedies. Her last stint behind the camera was for The Intern (2015) starring Robert De NiroAnne Hathaway, and Rene Russo. Meyers has since contemplated retirement but now seems determined to only bow after one last hurrah.


via Collider

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