‘In The Blink of an Eye’: Kate McKinnon to Star in Upcoming Sci-Fi Epic!!

Last year, Kate McKinnon‘s historic and award-winning run on Saturday Night Live sadly came to an end. The one silver lining for her fans was that they would soon get to see her spread her wings and appear in a lot more projects. Well, we now know one of those upcoming projects. Deadline is reporting that McKinnon has been cast in Searchlight’s sci-fi epic In The Blink of An Eye from Oscar-winner Andrew Stanton.

McKinnon is of course best known for all of her gut-bustlingly hilarious roles and performances on Saturday Night Live. She was on the show from 2012 to 2022 and was rewarded with two Emmys for her scene-stealing work. But even before leaving the show, McKinnon was making her mark in films. She starred in hit films like GhostbustersYesterday, and Bombshell. Her other television roles include starring in Netflix’s The Magic School Bus Rides Again and the Peacock series Joe vs. Carole. She can also be seen this summer in the highly anticipated film Barbie.

Currently, many of the details around In The Blink of An Eye are being kept under wraps. However, a brief plot description was released, and it reads “The film follows three storylines, spanning thousands of years, intersect and reflect on hope, connection and the circle of life.” While it is hard to parse much information from that, it does seem like McKinnon will be stepping away a bit from her usual roles. Getting to see her in a performance that isn’t strictly a comedy is very exciting for her fans and hopefully leads to her getting more dramatic roles.

Andrew Stanton Has Built an Impressive Career

Stanton for many years was a go-to filmmaker for Pixar. He won his two Academy Awards for directing Finding Nemo and Wall-E. He also wrote all four Toy Story moviesMonsters, Inc, and more! But, his experience is not just in animation. He has also directed John Carter and multiple episodes of hit series like Stranger ThingsBetter Call Saul, and For All Mankind. He’ll be directing In The Blink of An Eye from a script by Colby Day, while the movie will be produced by Jared Ian Goldman with Day serving as an executive producer.

Stay tuned to Collider for any future updates on In The Blink of An Eye and McKinnon’s future projects.

via Collider

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