‘A Good Person’: New Clip Sees Florence Pugh Cutting Her Own Hair!! Check It Out!!

Florence Pugh looks for assistance from a YouTube tutorial in the first clip from Zach Braff‘s A Good Person, shared via Letterboxd. Coming to theaters this Friday, the movie follows Allison (played by Pugh), a pharmaceutical rep who is about to get married. After a brief distraction from her phone causes her to accidentally crash her car and kill her sister-in-law and her boyfriend in the process, the girl falls into a severe depressive episode. Her story will be connected to Daniel (Morgan Freeman), the father of the girl that passed away in the accident. Pugh‘s character will go through a journey that explores her state of mind and how she might look to change her feature.

The clip opens in a dimly lit bathroom, with the only sound available coming from a phone’s speaker. Allison is watching an online tutorial that is teaching her how to cut her own hair. She finds that is it not such an easy task, as she cuts what she can in an uneven manner, leaving her with an uncomfortable look. The character can be notably seen in a complicated emotional situation, and the contrast between her feelings and the lively video on the screen establishes the tone of the scene. As the movie opens in two days, you won’t have to wait long to find out more about the context of Allison’s life.

The upcoming drama will be quite different from the rest of Braff‘s filmography, given how he is known for starring in family friendly stories, such as Cheaper by the Dozen. In the Disney+ reboot series about two large families that become one, the actor plays Paul Baker, the owner of a restaurant who is also the patriarch of the newly formed Baker family. The show includes the light-hearted plot and humor that you might expect from a Disney Channel production, so watching Braff direct a mature story about addiction and grief certainly is a big change.

Braff Speaks Highly of Pugh’s Performance

While the movie was still in production, the filmmaker sat down for an interview with Collider, where he talked about how impressed he was with the performance from the Thunderbolts star. He mentioned the good chemistry she has with her co-star, Morgan Freeman, stating: “Florence Pugh’s performance in the movie, I know I’m biased, but it’s the most miraculous thing you will ever see. I’m not overselling it. It’s a dramedy. It’s her going toe-to-toe with Morgan Freeman. You haven’t seen Morgan like this in years. We just locked picture.”

You can check out the new clip from A Good Person below, before the movie arrives in theaters this Friday:

via Collider

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