‘Grand Death Lotto’: First Set Image Sees John Cena, Awkafina and Paul Feig Posing!! Check It Out!!

The wheels on Amazon’s Grand Death Lotto are rolling. The feature will star an ensemble cast including Simu LiuJohn Cena, and Awkafina. Helmed by acclaimed director Paul Feig from a script by Rob Yescombe, the movie has a very interesting premise set in the backdrop of an economically challenged California’s grand lottery.

Billed as an action comedy, the star-studded feature has the right cast and direction to tickle fans. The streamer has now teased the first look from the set of the movie to celebrate the start of filming. The new image aptly captioned, “First week with AwkwaCENA,” sees Awkafina, Feig, and Cena taking a spy-ish stance with very interesting toy guns in hand. The movie seems quite fun with its original idea and given the talent behind the feature, it will undoubtedly be a laugh riot.

What’s Grand Death Lotto About?

Grand Death Lotto is set in the near future in an economically challenged California, where a grand lottery has been established, however, the unfortunate catch of the lottery is that if the winner is killed by sundown, the killer can claim their prize. The story will follow Awkafina’s Katie who ends up with the winning ticket, which puts a target on her back. When pursued by Louis Lewis, played by Liu, who wants to claim his rich protection commission Katie must embark on a race against the clock, with the help of Cena’s amateur jackpot protector Noel if she wants to make it to sundown alive with her multi-billion lottery.

Cena is well known to lead fun and entertaining projects like DC’s Peacemaker while Liu and Awkafina reunite to tickle fans after displaying amazing chemistry in MCU’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings. Speaking of the project upon announcement Feig said in an official statement, “I love action comedy and extreme physical comedy and this movie has both in abundance, as well as a boatload of heart and hilarity.” Adding, “This lotto will make winners of us all.”

Feig will also serve as a producer for the film under his Feigco Entertainment banner with Laura Fischer along with Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum of Roth/Kirschenbaum Films. While, Cena will executive produces the feature with Zack Roth, and Rob Yescombe. With a talented cast and team behind the movie, it’s certain to be a crowd-pleaser for the streamer.

No release date has been set for Grand Death Lotto.


via Collider

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